The cost of illegal immigration

I did the math. According to your figures, 8% of the US population is illegal. Think about that long and hard. Do you actually beleive 1 out of every 10 people you know is illegal?

But you know what? Let’s accept that just for a minute. Let’s just pretend that number is correct. Let’s further pretend that every Conservative hope comes true and Trump deports every one of those 26 Million Illegal Immigrants.

Do you have ANY idea what an 8% drop in population would do to our country? That’s more people than several countries lost in WWII. So using YOUR made up numbers, we can’t afford to deport our Illegals, so might as well make them citizens and make sure they’re paying taxes.

Glad you agree they are illegal

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What exactly does this report prove or support? Does it break down the arrests or removals by country of origin? How do these numbers, for the year 2018, compare to previous years?

Wow, you missed the point so hard it killed an innocent bystander.

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Why would they keep those from their viewers? Illegal aliens commit violent crimes at a lower rate than US natives.

That’s simply not true. DHS did not produce any such estimate.

You did the math? Wow! Give this man a kewpie doll. Then notice that the numbers are put out by Homeland Security, not me. If it is accurate, then by your post, you’re totally in the dark.

Probably so they won’t embarrass the Trump administration… We are all hoping Trump’s administration will start performing ERO at the level the Obama administration performed… One suggestion, don’t ask ICE to go a month without pay…


According to the label at the bottom of those numbers…it was put out by them.

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It doesn’t say which figure is attributed to DHS. DHS estimates the number of illegals at around 12 million.

It’s as if OAN is trying to be misleading. Say it ain’t so!

The label is gibberish. It also cited CIS, “Yale”, “MIT” and a bunch of other sources.

That’s what you get from OAN though, gibberish. Purposefully misleading gibberish at that. This is intentional for a certain audience.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that DHS did not publish that number.

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The average number of shark attacks in the US is 850,000,000 per year

-Source: NOAA, Harvard, US Coast Guard

Don’t argue with me - my data is sourced straight from the Coast Guard - it’s labeled.

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Don’t look now but…your wiki is open.

My numbers are backed up by Yale, Harvard, Apple, and Cannon Calculators and they say your numbers are wrong.

Which is every bit as accurate as the statement that “DHS” put out that 25 million figure lol.

This is actually how I took Trumps remarks for Mexico paying for the wall. It will be in savings. It will also help our poor to get a handle on illegal immigration. Their labor will become more valuable.

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You must profit from the illegal immigration problem to say something silly like that.

You must profit from illegal immigration to be ignoring the problem in front of you.

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I just know actual statistics.

You do know that 82.78% of statistics are made up on the spot, right?
I read it on the internet, so you know it is true.

That’s only the ones that accused Trump of colluding.