The cost of illegal immigration

This alone makes it a National Security risk, Americas infrastructure is crumbling and billions are being wasted on this illegal immigration problem.

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OAN knows how many illegals are in this country down to the last man. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You actually think OAN made this, :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, what’s up with that

I’m sure the video spells out where we are supposedly spending this $250 billion a year.

Oh, you mean it’s just a video of some numbers going up with no context or evidence to back them up whatsoever? Shocking considering the source.

You think CNN would post that? :rofl::rofl:

It’s OAN, second only to InfoWars in journalistic integrity.

Is this where Trumps made up numbers came from?

How do you determine to the dollar how much an illegal immigrant in our country “costs”? Costs who exactly? And what do they do that “costs”?

I dunno if those numbers are right or not.

It is costing a lot of money for American citizens each day for a lot of
illegal in this country. Hundreds of millions of Refugees, and Illegal immigrants
have come to this country in not over a long time.

The Liberal media likes to make it seem like a fraction of that.
How much is border security each year, compared to if we built a wall,
and didn’t have to have as much security? How many less illegals would we
have to put into detention camps and refugees and take care of them on a regular basis?

How many drug dealers, rapists and murderers are the Democrat Politicians protecting
with the “American Peoples” MONEY in Sanctuary Cities?

Not to mention when places get flooded like California, and illegals take the job that someone living on the streets could have. How many millions of dollars does it take
to disinfect the feces off of the streets of California each year?

The cost of Illegal Immigration and illegal refugees, is not only safety of American Citizens, but far far much more than that! Open borders is a greater way for Socialism
to come to America. Then poor people can crap on the streets in every City throughout America! Then the middle class will become poor also, and then there will just be
“the Tippy Tippiest of Tops” in America.

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The source of those numbers is Homeland Security and it clearly shows that if “we” built the wall, Mexico would be paying for it many times over, just from the savings to taxpayers.


As to the highlighted part, the population of the entire US is only about 325 million. If there were truly hundreds of millions of “illegals” in this country, they would be the majority of the population.

Now, I think if that were the case, we would know it.

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Wow, less than $1000 per year to tax payers to have 25 million of labor when we’re at full employment and having a labor shortage? Sounds like a bargain!!

Yeah, “hundreds of millions” would indicate at least 200,000,000.

…cept it says just under 26 million.

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I like how every election is “fix our crumbling roads and brudges”. EVERY election. Like, yo, why ain’t you guys fix that 20 years ago

? 100s of millions :alien:

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Illegal is a state of mind

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I’m gonna call Trump’s alternative facts and raise him actual facts.

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Because monies are being wasted on the illegal immigration problem.

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So is Globalization.

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Here are some facts fake news will keep from their viewers.