The cost of illegal immigration

Ya go to any other country in the world illegally get arrested and tell them that. “Illegal” is a state of mind bro.

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It was a joke in response to the 100s millions statement

Keke …

This is what happens when we doing absolutely nothing, about illegal immigration, it spirals into a larger problem. yes, there would be some repercussions, so what, the band-aid needs to be ripped off sometime.

So what is your answer, to continue doing nothing and watch it climb to 50 million illegals?

Back in the 1950s President Eisenhower kicked out millions of illegal aliens, did your doom and gloom prophecies come true then?

How many people need to be employed to keep up with the needs and demands of 25 million people? Take away those 25 million, and we have fewer needs and fewer demands.

If he came home tonight and a family of illegal aliens took over a part of his home, I think he’d arrive at a state of mind, concerning unwanted trespassers in his home.

Man look at that spiral

Jokes are hard

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So let me get this straight. The Liberal Democrats, and the mainstream Liberal
Fake News Media support the Illegal immigrants in this country.
Most people know this in general, because both of them constantly stand up
for the Illegals and refugees, no matter what.

and you’re telling me that they would let us know if the Minority’s in this
country becomes the majority? Wow!

I think that word that you’re looking for,
is Socialist.
The Democrats have a Socialist Agenda.
That’s why they keep electing people that come out and
say that they stand for Socialism and believe in it.

15-20 million illegal aliens residing in the US, is a problem, no amount of snark from you will change this.


Not old socialists, they claim to be the Neo-Marxists. Not like the Chairman Mao or Stalin bad guys, but the better, caring, smiling socialists. they are the Democratic socialists, where we vote for those who will be our task masters.

Why exactly is it a problem? I’d say white males performing mass shootings is also a problem.

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Is that your excuse to support the illegal immigration problem that causes 2000 murders a year and 70.000 deaths from drugs that cross where the wall is suppose to go up?

Who says I support illegal immigration, murder, and drug overdoses?

Play ignorant, then resort to a red herring. Typical for when you know you’ve lost the argument.

Then why are you bring up stuff that is irrelevant to this illegal immigration problem?


To show that the basis for declaration of “emergency” is based primarily on the ethnic nature of those doing the crimes

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What about the ethnic nature that lives in America, you know the green, purple, brown people that deserve the security President Trump is trying to build?

All of them deserve our protection. And, at the same time, none of them deserve to be singled out. Especially since not too long ago a legal white male killed almost 60 people and shot hundreds more. With regards to drug smuggling, a wall wont do ■■■■■ The war on drugs is never ending. The least we can do is legalize marijuana so our LEO can focus on harder drugs, and so that opioid prescriptions can be replaced with marijuana.