The Commie Squad

Today’s Anti-BDS vote showed just how little real power “the squad” has. They mustered 17 (three of those being the squad themselves, fourth member of the squad voted against the squad) votes out of 435 for their issue. And that’s in a Dem-controlled House !

It’s really crazy how much talk there is about the people who have so precious little say in the direction of the country.

Anyone ask the Democrats where they are going to get the slaves to pay for all this free stuff for illegals?

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But listing those bullets then going on about the squad is a deflection out of the gate.

Put 3 kids through college and none of their textbooks cost 1200 dollars.

You may be right on the advil.

Not running for president there aren’t.


I find this interesting. Amidst all the screeching about communism there is not much communism outlined here. So let’s pick off a few things…

  1. Government run healthcare – Single payer is likely inevitable. It is not, however, socialized medicine. Commercial insurance companies have shown they have no interest in making health insurance more affordable. And they certainly enjoy denying reimbursements and procedures. Granted, Medicare does have the highest denial rate of them all so I have no trust in the government system, but it’s coming.

  2. Free college – Can’t see that happening on a huge scale. But a number of states already have college benefits for state residents. I don’t know why “conservatives” constantly rail about college. An educated populace should be a desired goal. But for whatever reason you all crab about college educated people. Get over it.

  3. One party rule – Every political party wants one party rule. Everywhere. It’s kinda the nature of that beast.

4 . Political correctness – that’s communisms how? I mean I get that some people won’t be happy unless they can call other people derogatory names. But what’s wrong with encouraging fellow Americans not to be dicks?

  1. Reverence for Marx – links please.

  2. Friendly & approving of many socialist or Communist dictators – That’s Trump. See: Putin, V; Erdogan, R; Kim, J; Duterte, R; Jinping, X.

  3. Guaranteed housing – Not sure that’ll fly. Don’t agree with those who say we should strive for it. The cost will be too cumbersome.

  4. Guaranteed employment – who has called for that and how would it work anyway?

  5. Gun control – You left of the word “sensible”. But if you’re cool with dead kids then we’ll just leave it as it is.

  6. Shutting up opposition – Again, bothsiderism. No side has a monopoly on that. Which ties into your free flow of information crap about shadow banning. The people who get banned are ■■■■ stirrers and conspiracy tools who act in violation of the TOS of the places they get banned from. Blame them. Not the platform. If you want to see Alex Jones he’s still in the business. He hasn’t been silenced. So quit whining.

So there you go. Thanks for playing but as usual you’re pretty far off base.

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average textbook is about 60 bucks or so.


That sounds much more accurate.

You mean like Social Security and Medicare? Those are forms of socialism. Or how about VA? That is a form of socialism. Do even know what the word means? This is how people can tell one is brainwashed by the Right wing media, they don’t know meaning of socialism and think socialism is bad. Like it is a on off switch when it is a variable dial. But right wing needs to boil things down to binary question because most of GOP base are lacking in education and logical thought process.

No what is funny is that it is the right wing media that said they had so much pull over the party, most informed people know it is struggle for people like AoC in congress because most in DC are beholden to donors, same as most GOP are even Trump. So if you watch too much right wing media your views would be valid. Stop buying into the Fox news lies.

I would think conservatives would love communism, being that the end goal is no government at all.

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I don’t watch Fox. If I recall correctly, I simply said it’s funny how much attention those four get (everywhere) while having so little power.

You really don’t know what socialism is, do you? Have you ever looked-up the definition? Do you support the way we openly advocate supporting and paying for the military. That’s single payer. I’ll bet you didn’t even know that.

That last line is complete BS.

They all want to make being here illegally No longer a crime.

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To me they need re-labeled.

Great point. Because, after all, what matters in politics other than assigning labels to people!

So much more efficient than talking about issues, measuring stands against the Constitution,f focusing on the common good.

But labeling and name calling – politics as Middle School. That appears to be all you want.

Notice that all those mentioned ARE on the left…

[quote=“H_Arendt, post:38, topic:201345, full:true”]

Yea, nice deflection! After all, only the left cares about those things, huh? Pfffffffffffft!

Yea, well…nearly nothing but spin. Especially the last one, Many are banned & shadow banned on the right because the left fears truth above all.

9 was precious as well, the left wants sensible, the problem is their definition of sensible is outright banning guns completely. They use the method of removing a little at a time till nothing is left. They like to remove guns like all dictators do first to remove the possibility of armed opposition or assassination so they can run over the populace.