The Commie Squad

To me they need re-labeled. They are all in for the insanities of socialism that would completely destroy our country, they need to be called what they really are.

I can’t wait for those who want “Democratic Socialism” to start explaining how there is SO MUCH difference between Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, etc. Yea, there is so much difference…Pffffffffffffft!

Before we discuss the HUGE differences let’s talk about all they have in common:
-Free university tuition
-Government run healthcare
-One party rule
-Political correctness
-Reverence for Marx
-Friendly & approving of many socialist or Communist dictators
-Guaranteed housing
-Guaranteed employment

  • Gun control
    -Shutting up opposition
    -Limiting the free flow of information if it comes from any opponents (Shadow banning, deleting accounts, etc.
    -They are all on the LEFT.

Ate we talking about democratic congresswoman or trump?


Of course we are talking about the democrats. But you knew that…

Well seeing as we have Trump praising an actual communist leader ( lots of pictures and love notes) and plenty of videos of him wanting gun control ( take the guns first) not to mention his general love when democrat get interviewed by his lupine network…it’s hard to say.

Can you show these ladies having the same amount of reverence toward commie dictator as this guy?

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Nice deflection. That’s all that is. The democratic party is openly advocating socialism. Trump’s been all over the TV saying America will never be a socialist country, & is famously pro 2nd amendment. Of course you already know that, & know this argument is deceitful you are using.

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is there a reason why text book cost 1,200$ and Advil in a hospital is 30$ a pill.

Ok, why?

The commie squad…that’s the name of your thread. What’s wrong with pointing out an actual elected person who really, really, really likes an actual commie dictator?

I just was curious if you had any similar clips of any of the 4 US Congresswomen declaring their love for an actual sadistic commie sociopathic leaders like stable genius does?


There is a fundamentalist difference between Republican and Democrat on what the use of government is. and even difference between branch of each side.

Republican are individualist who think everyone should pull themselves up.
Democrat are collectivist who think society should pull people up.

when you hear “Free education” you think handout
when I hear “Freed education” I think an investment in the welfare of society.


You will receive no honest answer, only deflection.


It seems people completely forgot that before he was elected, he actually ran on debt forgiveness for education after a certain amount of time. poof no more college debt!

its kinda funny the only kind of debt you can get rid of by bankruptcy is student debt its almost the government is the largest loan granter and want that money.

funny in the same way the 1/2 hour news hour was funny

From the kings of deflection! Pffffffffft!

Don’t give up your day job there champ.

who is to say what my day job is?

What kind of brainiac sees one group of people who support capitalism (progressives, social democrats) and another group of people who want to get rid of capitalism and replace it with pure socialism (socialists, democratic socialism, communists) and think they are the same?
Not to mention there are plenty of progressives who don’t support free college tuition, government run healthcare, and aren’t particularly fond of Marx.
And not a single Democrat supports one party rule.

Right on cue.

Tell me - does Donald’s special relationship with a murderous communist dictator trouble you at all, or is it just 4 congresswomen that get you twitterpated? Bonus points for not mentioning Clinton or Obama in your answer! :wink:

Submitted for your condemnation:

Are you sure? The bolded fit Trump like a glove.