The Censorship of Andrew Tate

I don’t altogether agree with all of his philosophy, but censorship from the democrat party controlled media, you know, Fakebook, Twitty, and other leftist Socialist Marxist social media banned him all at once, in unison, almost like they all had a meeting…(They do it exactly that way)…

The left is AFRAID of freedom of speech.


Never heard of her.

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Is he even a politician? What do the Democrats have to do with him? Censorship?

Can we not?

You talking about the dude that turns girls out and pimps them in Eastern Europe? Little more than just philosophizing ain’t it.


Andrew Tate is an online troll who voices some of the worst misogynistic, homophobic and racist.

His comments would earn him an instaban on this forum in seconds.

He is free to say what he likes but ar the sane time Social Media platforms are free to ban him.

If this piece of crap is going to be a new hero to anyone then it tells me that they are either jumping on the bandwagon without actually finding out anything about him or agree with his hateful views.


Tate likes to get away with rape. If the right want to turn him into some online warrior against big tech then it tells me all I need to know sbout them.


I don’t like digital censorship… but if anyone deserves it then it’s Tate.

The guy is a piece of garbage.


What about what Andrew Tate says do you like?

Dude… this isn’t worth it. Tate earned his bans.

Watch some of his videos. Trust me he isn’t worth defending.

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He says a lot of things that are anti-woke and what normal people are afraid to say because of fear of reprisal. Bill Clinton’s dossier is far worse but rates a “meh” with the left.

He goes way further than fighting woke views.

The dude views women as property. He openly said that in a video I watched of his.

There’s nothing wrong with being an anti-feminist. I have my own issues with the movement. But Tate goes way beyond that point of view.

He’s basically what the left claims all men are. He doesn’t make things easier for us. He’s an example of the worst kind of human being.

IMO, everyone should stay far away from him.

He opines over everything though. I just saw a clip of his on TikTok talking about how the comfort zone can ruin you, and how it is better to do what you are supposed to do (regarding exercise and diet) than being a fat ■■■■■ who just wants to watch tv and eat junk all the time because of comfort.
He is also spot on about modern feminism, fat positivity, Big Pharma, men getting weaker, etc. Most of the clips of his I have heard are very similar to David Goggins.

Come on, man.

He goes way beyond “anti-wokeness”…don’t you agree?

He is a piece of crap.

If you want to listen to him then go ahead but his other opinions and beliefs are why I dont want to give him the time of day.

Aren’t there videos of him like whipping chicks with belts and stuff? And didn’t he he flee to Romania avoiding indictments for beating on chicks? Even by the limbo bar standards of MRAs, this dude is an unbelievable scumbag.

Tucker gave this ■■■■■■■ a platform? Actually not surprised…

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Dog you’re giving away more than you think here.


Remember “Christian Values” and “Moral Majority”?


Yes he got kicked of the UK Big Brother when those videos came out.

I mean after defending Roy Moore for being a pedo, I don’t know why I’m surprised that Trump folks defend this guy too. But he is extra awful.

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