The "cancel culture" eats its own

The cancel culture is going after the Broadway hit, “Hamilton”. Here is one description:

Perhaps looming largest is the fact that, as the Washington Post explains, while Hamilton was indeed an abolitionist who didn’t technically own any enslaved people, his close relationships with fellow founding fathers indicate that he somewhat partook in the system himself. George Washington, portrayed as Hamilton’s father figure in the musical, owned nearly half of the over 300 enslaved people at his Mount Vernon home at the turn of the 18th century. Philip Schuyler, the Schuyler sisters’ father, owned enslaved people as well. And, though slavery is mentioned throughout in Hamilton , there is no enslaved character with a voice in the show.

Just a few years ago Democrats were praising Hamilton. For example Michelle Obama praised the show in glowing terms.

Who knew Michelle Obama was really a white supremacist?

Later in the same year the cast lectured Vice-President-Elect Pence soon after the election:

The cancel culture is sounding more like the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Stalinist Purges where committed communists were sent to labor camps or executed for not following the party line close enough.

Even liberal writers and activists are starting to sound the alarm about political correctness run amok:

Is this the beginning of the end of the cancel culture?

Or will show trials and re-education camps be the next step?

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We"re already back to re-education camps? Really?


Re-education camps are already here for white employees in some Democrat-run cities:

Is Miranda facing a similar fate? Does his descent from the evil Spanish slaveholders and conquistadors mean he needs to be re-educated? Or is he brown enough to avoid the dreaded “white Hispanic” label that CNN promoted with George Zimmerman?

Alternatively views of the traditional liberals in the letter could make a comeback:

We uphold the value of robust and even caustic counter-speech from all quarters. But it is now all too common to hear calls for swift and severe retribution in response to perceived transgressions of speech and thought.

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Loss of popularity/platform != gulag

Training session != re-education camp

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If you dont show white men whipping Toby every day, then it must be white supremacist propaganda.

Close. They called them “struggle sessions”

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Having a conversation about something isn’t “cancelling” it. I know this is hard to understand or follow if you haven’t nuance or intellectual curiosity.


Hold that thought. When they come to cancel those around you, remember… “it’s just a conversation”

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Hamilton isn’t going anywhere. It isn’t cancelled.

Just like Conservatives have tried to cancel the NFL, Nike, Starbucks, etc.

They’ve tried more than once to cancel Disney, which is where Hamilton has found a new audience. Spare me the corny drama.

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Some people on twitter criticized a movie.

See what you did here, I can appreciate this post, LOL :computer:

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We arnt good at canceling like the left is.

Um, no.

Hey, I gave you full credit.
A “Struggle session” was just what you said … “a training session”

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No because it’s hard to motivate mainstream America to boycott a company because their cups are red at Christmas.

You’re putting words in my mouth. A “struggle session” doesn’t remotely describe the sessions in Seattle.

I’m not sure there’s a single movie ever put out by Disney that hasn’t been criticized for something not politically correct.

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Lin Manuel Miranda accomplished his mission, which was to get old bougie white people into rap.


As a bougie white person who is already a very big hip hop fan, I lasted about 3 minutes with Hamilton until i ran from the room holding my ears. :slight_smile:

Plus I just saw that ■■■■ for the first time and it’s fantastic. It also is very much only about the political minutia of the Revolutionary era and definitely leaves a lot out.