The burbs are flipping blue

We saw that trend start in the house elections in 2018 and now it looks to continue in 2020.


supporting the police…

The suburbs have lost a lot of Republican support here. They just have to thank their heavenly stars they were so proficient at gerrymandering in 2011. I think Schuette said that the Dems would need 58% to win half the seats so they’re good until 2022.

Many gave the current leader of the MAGA cult a chance and, like in the private world, quickly found out he’s a sociopath / fraud

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I myself think it’s the current anti-intellectualism, anti-science that is turning off the soccer moms in the burbs.


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“cult” ?

Also seeing increased reports (including the WSJ) that Trump is losing seniors, largely due to his inept response to the pandemic. If true, he may as well not seek a second term.

The smart dumped him. The stupid support him.

We will see how smart the electorate is come November.




Yeah, it’s a cult.


And a not too bright one at that.

How does a trump rally in the middle of a pandemic even get 600 people to attend never mind 6200?


That’s mean. You are only allowed to call libs “deranged”. If you call MAGA a cult thats too mean for Trumper snowflakes feelings

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They are all victims of the mainstream media and whine like little babies.

“The media is being unfair”

The media didn’t tweet a “white power” video

The POTUS did.


Anytime I mention cult some snowflake comes along and flags it. But we can have mods call liberals deranged. It’s the MAGA cult safe place way.


Yes, I have a rising 8th grader/ athlete and live in a nice area. Many of those moms want their kids to get educated and believe in proven methods. They also seem to have some human decency and are not blind. Lol One family I know of has taken down their Trump flag. I know it doesn’t prove much but I feel the vibe.

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Ya it always goes this way until four or so years of increased taxes and what it does to people then it flips back like a seesaw.

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Increased taxes will be the least of the middle class pain.

There is a Trump flag?

I don’t know my sister who lives on the other side of the country is freaking out because the school board who supposed to only be able to raise property taxes by 4% is jacking them up 12% this year. From what she is saying since it is over 4% if they can collect 40,000 signatures it will be put on the ballot for November and they are watching that signature count like a hawk as her husband was laid off he was a manager at hertz car rental and she doesn’t think she can support there family by herself especially with a mortgage, they are seriously thinking of moving if that property tax passes.

I have given them a little over a thousand dollars the last two months to help out. I don’t think they will be able to make it their unless he gets something close to what he had before and not many companies seem to be hiring right now. So any increase in tax isn’t good for quiet a few people with the layoffs. Kind of blew my mind the school district would do that during a pandemic.

Yes they’re flying in yards all over the more rural areas of NC.

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