The border crashing mob. Which party will it help?

The republicans. No doubt. Your average American does not want border chaos. They want control. They want everyone who enters out country to be screened. So the images of thousands of border crashers heading to the United States is totally offensive to the average voter. Republicans claim to be in favor of tighter border security. The democrats are in favor of zero border security. Eliminating ICE, restricting the border patrol, allowing anybody from anywhere in, at any time in unlimited numbers. Very few people are going to want to vote for this insanity. It will also affect health care. How can those of us who pay for health insurance expect to see costs go down when we are also forced to provide free care to tens of millions border crashers? I don’t think that the strategy of putting the welfare of foreign nationals above that of American citizens is a winning hand. Is it enough to stop the “blue wave?” Time will tell.

You answered your own question in the first four words you wrote.

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Why is Mexico going to allow them to step one foot on Mexican soil much less across the entire country to the United States? Why did Trump make any kind of trade deal with such a bad ally?

Republicans are the only people who care about America.

If the Republican party was good enough for Jesus, then it’s good enough for me.

jobs not mobs

You ARE perceptive!!! Wouldn’t it be nice if the dems actually offered an opinion? They seem to be hiding from the issue.

yes, Obviously, since dems have rejected the idea of the nation state.

Jobs doing what? Technology is driving out the need for low skilled workers. We will end up taking care of most of these people.

Rush is declaring victory on the politics of the Caravan. Seems it’s out of the cable line up today.
So,basically since they are not helping the left, the left will ignore their "suffering "…

That’s what I don’t get about the Trump supporters complaining about the refugees. As long as they are coming, Trump can use them as a scare tactic to claim there’s some sort of “invasion” coming. There are, apparently, plenty of people who will fall for it and vote republican because of it. It’s like a Christmas gift to the Republican Party.

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Why don’t we do the same thing and let them continue on to Canada?

Kamala Harris to caravan: We are a welcoming country.

Traitor to her vows as a senator. Arrest her.

Are you stating we are not?

Why is this even a political “thing”? It’s not. It’s just a news item. We have people at the border who are perfectly capable of handling this. It won’t be chaos. We have internet, we can see where they are. Grown-ups are still in charge, they will do their jobs. They aren’t even going to get here before the next month or so.

Righties always need their hysterias. This is just like Ebola. It will drop right out of RW media the day after the election. They’re just using this to gin up irrational fears.

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Browns will not replace us!!! Browns will not replace us!


Its because we want anyone who enters our country to be screened. Don’t over complicate things.

The Cleveland Browns? Which Browns are you afraid if?

Won’t this caravan be handled exactly like the last ones? People will apply for amnesty and be processed.

You guys are being pretty silly thinking THIS caravan is the one that goes all mad max and rides go carts through the desert into america. Like the WORST possible way to sneak into America is to let the entire world know where you are, when you are coming and with whom you are traveling.