The biggest lie from last nights debate

Liz said it. That the economy is only working for those at the top. A thinner and thinner section of people are benefiting. Completely false. An outright lie.

Unemployment is way down.
Salaries are up.
Retirement plans are doing well.
Jobs are abundant.
The middle class is growing, not shrinking.
Lower and middle class salaries are growing at the fastest rate in generations.
This is the hottest economy on record.

Liz is running against prosperity. Does she actually believe that by re-regulating business and increasing taxes the economy will be even better for the middle class? She must be high. Sometimes you just have to be wise enough not to tinker with a good thing. Liz and Cory are not.


Unemployment is down because people stopped looking for work.
Salaries are barely keeping up with the cost of living increases, which will only get worse as the tariffs continue to poison the economy.
Many retirement plans, 401k’s, etc. are NOT doing well, certainly not growing by much these days. Thanks Trump!
Low paid jobs are readily available and hard to climb out of. Thanks, orange menace!


Funny how we went from the worst economy in a generation to the best economy in a generation within one-half of an election cycle.

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Total Bull ■■■■■ There are 7 million open jobs. Nobody is giving up. Anybody who has prepared for life can have a job in a week. In my company we are hiring people for positions that required a college degree. We are now hiring people with a high school diploma to do them. We can’t find enough qualified applicants. So you are actually going to argue that the job market is tough? Good God man, you need a reality check.

Where are you in the country?

Tinkering aside, I agree the economy is doing well right now and wish libs would just admit it.

I can remember back in the day when deficit did matter to the right

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that’s why I no longer take that into account when deciding which political party to vote.

Welp, Nov 2016 we had 42% unemployment.

Miracles of miracles, within 2 months, Jan 2017, unemployment dropped precipitously down to 4%.

Simply amazing.


Liz who?

Warren if that’s a real question.

Give @altair1013 credit. He didn’t follow the morons lead by using Pocahontas.

To answer some of the points in the OP:

  • Unemployment is way down.
    (I suppose because low paying jobs are easy to get.)

  • Salaries are up.
    (See above. Not true.)

  • Retirement plans are doing well.
    (I’ve seen nothing that says there’s been improvement there. Show me stats.)

  • Jobs are abundant.
    (Yeah, if you want to work at McDonald’s.)

  • The middle class is growing, not shrinking
    Lower and middle class salaries are growing at the fastest rate in generations.
    This is the hottest economy on record.
    (Answered above. The middle class is hrinking, since salairies aren’t rising.)

Edit to add:

From the Economic Policy Institute: Wage growth is slow.

Her name is Elizabeth Warren.

The price of everything is rising… except my paycheck isn’t. Also, why are the corporate tax cuts permanent while the tax cuts for everyday folks temporary?

Stop looking at your own company and look at the national picture. There are a large number of unfilled positions – probably nowhere more than in Data Security right now – that are going unfilled for want of skilled workers. And there are large numbers of people, particularly laid off blue collar workers who cannot find work at anywhere close to their former salary.

While there definitely is economic good news, there are major areas of concern, none more striking than the fact that life expectancy in the United States is declining basically for the first time ever.

This appears to be a caused by a combination of drug overdoses and suicides (also at an all time high) affecting rural and blue collar communities. There is reason to crow about the successes where Trump has continued the positive trends that began in the Obama years (employment and stock market, for instance) but that crowing would be a lot more credible if you also took note of the major portions of the nation that are not rising with this tide.

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Because the beneficiaries of those tax cuts bribe politicians with campaign donations, something that your stagnant paycheck does not allow you to do.

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When they are not downright lying about the booming economy, they try to give credit for the boom to the Obama Administration. :astonished: They’ve got every angle of the LIES down pat! It only makes sense if you live in the toxic bubble of the liberal mind! :roll_eyes:


Salaries are stagnant actually.

For people with 401Ks, who have Stock Market investments those plans started to recover from the Bush crash about two years into the Obama Presidency and have continued to do well under Trump.

However, that’s the wrong metric. The meaningful metric is how many people have adequately prepared themselves for retirement financially… it does not matter is a minority have great portfolios while an increasing number cannot afford to retire.

More than half of American households do not have adequate reserves to cover a $400 emergency. That is also part of Elizabeth Warren’s assessment of our economic health – and an important one.

There are large areas where the economy is booming: its a great time to be in the tech industry in California, New York Massachusetts and so on. Terrible time to be in manufacturing, agriculture (since the trade war with China), or coal mining.

And the answer is?

Seriously, what is your solution?