"The Big Bang Theory" Is Coming To An End In May 2019

My son got us into this show in the first couple of seasons. Was lucky to see a show taped at the studio in person. Seeing the cast work was remarkable. Gonna miss this show a lot.

I never got into the show. It always felt condescending of geek culture.

I’m not what you’d call a geek, but I thought it was always paying homage to that. My son, who is a geek, loves it.

Watch clip of the show without laugh track it… jokes.

It made being a “Geek” cool so it did some positives.

When I saw the show being taped, there was no laugh track. Didn’t need one.

I could be wrong. I don’t give series a lot of leeway before I tune out and do something else. But it felt like the punchline of the jokes was always one of the characters saying something “geeky”, and that in itself was funny enough for the joke to land. As if geeks would find something funny simply by being pandered to.


I think Neil Degrasse Tyson has more to do with it… But that’s just the hater in me.

I actually got into it because someone at work kept calling me “Sheldon.” I watched it to find out what he was talking about…

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Just in case anyone enjoys geeky humor, I highly suggest the 2008 movie The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

The episode I saw taped was “The Prom Equivalency” from Season 8. It was the first time Sheldon told Amy he loved her. I remember those of us in the audience reacted with a lot of joy when he said it. We were very delighted.

By the way, I don’t think it made the final show, but as Amy walked out of the room at the end of that scene, Sheldon smacked her on the bottom. It was cute.

No you’re right. At least from what I remember when I gave it a shot when it first premiered. The jokes tended to be that the characters said something geeky, rather actually telling a joke using geek references. That the characters were geeks, seemed to be a lot of the jokes itself.

I hear that it improved as time went on, but I didn’t stick around.

I only recently started watching the show. It’s a lot of fun, but like other good sitcoms it too must come to an end.

I think the last sitcom I enjoyed was Better Off Ted.

You should check out The Good Place.

I’ll check it out.

3 minutes in. You have my humor pegged 100%. Thank you, my friend.

No problem, I figured it would be right up your alley if you liked Better Off Ted.

It only gets better.

The remarkable thing to me about that show is the seamless combination of humor, character development, compelling plot, and philosophy.

It’s the best thing that’s been on a network in 20 years.