The Battle for CA-48

First poll finds the race CLOSE…

R’s have an edge in registrations but D’s have enthusiasm.

This will be a reoccurring theme in some districts like my swinger (NJ-07)

R’s have the numbers edge but the d’s have the edge in enthusiasm.


I suggest the dems run on open borders, increasing taxes and letting the world run over us in trade policy. Oh, and ending ICE.

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Rohrabacher was referenced in the Russian spy Butina affidavit.

Which is probably a plus for some Republicans.

sorry to burst you bubble rouda is running on

  1. Gun Violence
  2. Economy
  3. Education

you know what everyday people care about


Yep…and Trump got elected for just those reasons and just like Ds are going to lose seats in November. Are you ready to bet a pizza on that? :sunglasses:

Just for the record, you actually think the Democrats will lose House seats in November? I’ll take that bet right now. The only question is whether Dems flip enough seats to take back the House. That’s more of a fifty fifty thing.

Just like the dems lost seats in 2016. :slight_smile:

oh no I am wrong. The dems GAINED seats in the house and senate in 2016.

Instead of Pizza.

If the dems lose seats I will donate 10 bucks to the NRA. (i will show my paypal receipt to the forum if I lose)

The only question is will they gain the necessary 23 to have Nancy peolosi as speaker…

People in Jersey and callie dont like trump. The Pennsy redistricting is worth a few

Its just not going to go the way you think it will go.

sorry Political reality will strike the cultists in the butt.

when you have a solid R district that shows the dem ahead.

that doesnt bode well for the Rs


The bet is for Congress and if you’re willing…you’re on? It’s a pizza from a menu in your hometown, delivered to your home or place of work?

Yeah its

Yeah. its on. But I feel bad taking pizza from you.

delivered to my work please. (NYC) lots of really good pizza in the area and I have until election day to figure out which one. (its like a kid in a candy store…so many good places)


I’d skip the pizza and instead go for Carnegie Deli pastrami sandwich if you are in NYC :slight_smile:



Blasphemy!! You sir are a heretic!

I want to be clear as to what “The bet is for Congress” means. Two posts earlier you said Dems are going to lose seats. If the bet is that the Dems will not lose House seats I’ll absolutely take that. Or have you moved things so that now the bet is that Dems won’t pick up enough seats to take the House? Because if you went from Dems will lose seats to they’ll pick up less than 24 seats that’s quite the change.

I think he means the “bet is for Congress”, means that Dem’s have to take the House and Senate and have full control of Congress. If the we retain the Senate, then Dem’s aren’t in full control and the bet is lost.


If the dems take back the house, they are in control of congress.


You think they’ll take back control with all the gerrymandering in the current map? Good luck.

If that’s the bet(and that’s what I’m wary of) that would be a horrible bet to take. With the numbers of senate seats the Democrats have to defend this election almost everything has to go perfectly for them to have a net gain of two seats. It’s possible, but I sure wouldn’t bet on it. House is a coin toss though.



No they are not.

They can block legislation, but they cannot pass it on their own. To be in control of Congress to pass legislation you have to have both houses.


Being an illegal is definitely motivation to vote.

If you want to be arrested.