The Bar is Open

They have a few that are not present here, but they do not contain the “missing” emojis that I listed above (plus many more) either.

I love craft beer too. I have one with dinner every evening (doctor’s orders.)

Sometimes followed up with :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass: (<- bourbon neat) after the misses goes to bed and I’m up late watching movies on Netflix. :wink:

You’re a freak. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was established the first year I registered here.

You mean this month? :sunglasses:

Also then!



In between your two posts about getting high is an ad inviting me to date beautiful Polish women.

That sounds just about right…

What would you do with a Polish woman?

Ask her to cook him a great meal?

Play hide the sausage? :wink:

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Just got a bottle of Old Forester 1897 - local store was clearing it out. :grinning: Will report back . . .

Samm, are you going to revive/rebottle the whiskey thread?

You mean the “favorite bourbon” thread? No. That thread served its purpose and was essentially done. And we can always talk about our favorite spirits (not just bourbon) here.

I’m not familiar with the 1897 … what are the specifications that make it unique over the run of the mill Old Forester?

100 proof, supposed to be more complex/richer than the standard offering, also more than the “Signature” 100 proof bottles. This line (1870/1897/1920) is marketing-driven, but they’re supposed to be pretty good and at bargain-bin pricing it was a no-brainer purchase.

Is it a single barrel or single batch or just aged longer?

It’s Friday night. Who’s in the bar?

Hmmm Just as quiet here on Saturday night. What gives?

We need a few more of the oldsters back when the bar was really rockin’. :slight_smile:

Any sort of beer other than IPA. The entire beer market in America has gone overboard with the hops.