The Bar is Open

IPA’s have been fading though, I live in southern California so not sure about availability but Ale Smith Sublime Mexican Lager is a great refreshing beer and the Cali Creamin Vanilla Cream Ale is also a great tasting and session beer.

Feels like that sentiment hasn’t made it here yet. The grocery store selection is probably 80% IPAs, 15% crap macrobrews like Bud, and the remainder test marketing. Right now gose and sour ales are having a small moment, you can find them squeezed between the IPAs. :wink:

It doesn’t help that some of us can no longer log in on our iPads and such. I don’t like sitting at my desk in the basement in the evenings when I might be inclined to pop in here to see what’s going on.

I agree. I love the craft beer craze, but too many are loading up on hops to cover the subtilties missing from their mash. There are some really good old-fashioned ales out there though, many “reds” and “alt style” that don’t rely on hops for character.

PS … If you can find it, try a fresh hops ale. It is made with green, freshly harvested, undried hops. It produces a strong hop flavor without the bitterness. The only brewery that I know routinely makes it, if Freemont Brewery in Seattle, and it is only available in the early fall immediately after the hops harvest.

I will look for that, thanks for the heads up.

Let’s get this thread back on page one where it belongs.

Hey good idea Samm. Who is the bartender around here, or do I have to get my own wine?

Actually have a bottle chilling in the fridge. It’s Saturday night, so time to have a glass. Or three.

Wine? All I serve is bourbon. If you want wine ya gotta bring your own.

slacker. lol

Well where have you been?

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Looking for a hole to die in. This one isn’t it. lol

Hello to @DMK :wave:

Hi there! Good to see you around here again.

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Speaking of slackers, where have you been over most of those 5 months? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a timeout for posting a picture of a turd on the forum, then un-timeout-ed for demonstrating how turd emojis were included in the forum software, then timeout-ed again for calling them all idiots over not knowing that the forum included emojis of a turd. lol


Classic! :joy:

And what, dare I ask, did you do to get banned from the other forum? :wink:

I don’t understand why that should have even deserved a flag let alone a ban. But it must have really struck a nerve.

Moderation there is pretty random at times …

It’s no biggie, these types of places are a relic for me these days anyway. I wouldn’t have participated much over there. My wife is pregnant again and if I live long enough, I’ll be 55 by the time this one graduates. Who needs politics? lol

I was 41 when my last was born. But then I didn’t get started here until she had graduated.

I mostly avoid becoming embroiled in the political threads anymore. Minds are not changed by facts or logic and the left has become so very viscous since Trump beat Hillary that it just isn’t worth it. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t poke the bear every now and then just for fun. :wink:

Viscous, eh? :thinking: Well, they certainly have been a bunch of boogers since then. lol

Oh you were one of those untethered avians too. . .

Good to see you, however briefly it might be.

And congratulations!

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