The auto refresh?


I’m not so sure about that. We had use of the edit button when this site first fired up. It was only after a couple of weeks that it went away. Somebody must have done that deliberately.

On the other hand, you could be right and it was done accidently and they don’t know how to change it back. :wink:


IIRC and I might not…

I believe that functionality was taken away very quickly once it was realized that posters (not mods) could edit posts of other users.


Which I believe could also be fixed. Many forums use the same software and don’t have that issue.


Then why doesn’t it work that way on other forums that use the same software?


You would have to get an answer from the Mod’s on that.

I was simply presenting my recollections as to why the raw edit ability to edit posts was disabled - that being the ability to edit other posters posts without restriction.


I believe we have asked the Mods that numerous times …


I’ve never been on a board that doesn’t have a tech team which deals with stuff like this.


Yes you have. Here you are.



Mod’s would have to comment to know for sure… but

The boards may have gone to an SaaS (Software as a Service) model where the Hannity Organization has offloaded the boards to a 3rd party vendor to administer.

We currently do that at work IRL, namely recruitment/applications and Professional Development. The sponsor may have some “Super Users” (i.e. Admin and Mods) but don’t maintain an IT team (web development, database administrators, network administrators, etc.). Can often be more cost effective.



If so, the third party vendor is providing a crap service.


I understand that and I’m pretty sure other forums I’m on do the same outsourcing thing - but the tech people are contacted by mods regarding problems with the sites.


Great. Can you bump up mine?

Or is there some official procedure to make that request?


no there isn’t

When we migrated to the board, we bumped all old useres to the appropriate level.

The board now auto increases and decreases the user level based on usage of the board.


Then I should have been bumped on the first day.

Can you do it now?


Gave you the same bump we gave everyone from level 1 to level 2


I think it was @GWHughes who had access to bump migrating members to be able to edit.


Snow can do it too, he just won’t.


At the time you posted the reply about “appropriate level”, it gave the impression that you bumped long-time old-board members to a level that allowed editing.

Why not state this stuff plainly?

What’s the deal here, Snow? Can’t you bump me to 3 so I can edit my posts?


There is a list of achievements you have to receive to move up levels, I’ve been informed. @calirepub posted the list and I’ve since confirmed it with one of our mods. FYI.


The implication was that the old members were advanced manually. I certainly wasn’t.

I saw the list. Seems rather overbearing just to get access to editing your own posts. Given the refresh problems on this board, and the rather combative character of the board that is allowed here, and add in the maze you have to navigate just to be able to edit your own posts, and it seems like the intention is to make this board as uninviting as possible.