The auto refresh?


I agree.

I don’t know why Hannity is putting up with this. Why would he want his message board to be uninviting, I have no idea.


It’s what we bumped all former users too (okay we bumped to three then everyone back down to 2). You have same treatment as everyone else who migrated to the board from the old.


In the migration, we bumped everyone to 3, then back down to 2. Anyone who is now level 3 has had it happen through the board.




With the current brigades around here there is a least one of those that will be impossible.


I would say you’re the nice parent.


I notice that autosave happens about 2 seconds after I press space on my phone if I type 3-5 words. So if you slow down, press space, wait for auto save it can save frustration


Gee, that’s really convenient on what’s supposed to be a conversational internet forum.

Not directed at you, of course.


Plop a confirm js modal in dat

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