The auto refresh?

Is there a way to disable it? PLEASE!

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Click on your profile icon; open “Account;” go to “Recently used Devices” at the bottom of the page; click on “log out all.”

Other than that, I cannot help you. :neutral_face:

Well samm that was helpful

I am not a site administrator … as I said, that’s all I have.

I was gonna post something funny and witty and on topic.

But then the forum auto refreshed.

Then something went goofy with the touch screen and the iPad started randomly erasing and typing text.

Then the forum disappeared and I was staring at an ad about a laser engraver.

Having returned to the forum and thread … it refreshed.

And then the battery on my iPad died and had to spend several minute charging before I could post this.

This thread is obviously cursed.

I’m sure you cursed…

Only a bit.

Not the thread … the forum.

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Hello. I have noticed this same incident. Do we report it here by chance?

And if he needs a loaf of bread? Give him a rock? LOL.

While the refresh is occurring, I can see in the lower left corner of windows all sorts of ad site URLs flipping up in succession.

Something in the site’s setup is allowing ads to take control. I just can’t believe the site admins have allowed this to continue for so long.

Everyone, including the administrators, knows about it.

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Just type faster, plebs.

It saves what you’ve typed at certain points, but I haven’t figured out if it’s by time or length yet.

Everyone should do what I do and just logoff until the issue is resolved.

But then how would we know when it was resolved? :wink: I haven’t logged out for quite some time because of the login problem, lol.

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Then WHY do they leave it as is?

I don’t know. Perhaps because they don’t care?

uBlock Origin add-on for FireFox. No refresh issues, no advertisement banners, no skim links spam, etc…

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I just added it. Maybe it’s not long enough to say for sure, but I haven’t gotten a refresh since I did it.

Maybe this will also fix the memory-hog problem of MSN.COM on Firefox. Off to test that next!

(PS: Not a single refresh while I typed this.)

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