The 2020 NFL Season

McCarthy is the worst coach in the NFL not named Adam Gase.

I was listening to ESPN radio last year and they had a now retired linebacker (I can’t remember his name now) on the show talking about the Packers after they’d gotten rid of McCarthy and he said it was was overdue. He played for the Packers in 2010 and said that he could watch a Packers game in 2018 when McCarthy was still know immediately what they were going to run because they hadn’t changed anything much at all. The guy has a system and doesn’t tweak it . . . ever. Which makes them predictable. Only Aaron Rodgers greatness was able to minimize this as he would improvise and do things that most QB’s can’t.

I realize the Cowboys kept Kellen Moore and the offensive system they had in place but I don’t think thats really a good thing. Cowboys last year looked great against inferior teams but struggled against good defenses. And we saw that happen again last night.

Speaking of Adam Gase and the Jets.

I was lurking yesterday on the Jets subreddit watching all the Jets fan bemoan their team and terrible Adam Gase. Several of them were losing their minds over all the screen passes he calls. I just laughed because as a Dolphins fan I was thrilled when we got rid of Gase and the Jets hired him because I know all too well about those screen calls and know that Gase will set the Jets back for years. Miami is still a year away from crawling out of the hole Gase put them in, Jets assuming they fire him this year are several years away.

And meanwhile Trevor Lawrence just crossed Jacksonville off his list of possible landing spots with the #1 overall pick. The Jags may not win a ton this year but Minshew is the real deal and will not be in the QB market.

Jets green looks very likely for Lawrence. Better get your Adam Gase voodoo doll out Trevor and start sticking pins in it because your ****** if he’s your coach.

I remember reading that too. That was the Cowboys offense from last year last night. And yes, it is even more pathetic than Green Bay’s was with McCarthy. I can tell you what the Cowboys are doing on just about every play. I’m a Cowboys fan and I agree with everything you said. I was only hoping McCarthy, if nothing else, would motivate this team. Something Jason Garrett had a very hard time doing. But week 1 rarely means anything outside of record. Teams are very different by mid season.

What’s interesting about this, is that’s what was killing the Cowboys last night. The Rams lived off of screens, swing passes, and runs up the middle and Dallas couldn’t stop it. Like a college team.

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It’s going to be a long season for Brady.

Should had retire after last season.

LOL it’s week 1. Historically speaking it has meant nothing throughout history. Every team is completely different by week 5.

I know.

Keep in mind that Brady is learning a new offense with a new head coach and new team. No preseason games or a traditional offseason doesn’t help things.

It will take time to jell. I hope things will be better. But, he’s 43, and his head coach is already publicly talking crap about him.

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There is a time and place for them but when they are literally 50% of your play calls you become predictable. Especially when the other team knows you won’t throw deep as Gase is scared to call deep passes so he rarely does it. Tannehill got a reputation of not being able to throw deep because of this but as he’s proven with Tennessee he is a great deep ball thrower as he blew out the league last year in deep throws with accuracy. Gase also had a tendency to throw a ton of WR screens on 3rd and 8 or longer where he’d pick up 7 yards and have to punt. It was awesome for my PPR fantasy team as I had Jarvis Landry who caught most of those screens - I could count on Landry to get me 15 to 20 pts every week even though he rarely got over 70 yards as even a catch for just 5 yards gets you 1.5 pts.

Like Cam Newton had to learn a new system? Didn’t affect him at all.

Brady will go down as arguably the greatest QB of all time due to his superbowl wins and stats. You could make an argument that some of the other greats would have done just as well with Belichick as their coach but Brady has a superbowl win total that will not be touched in our lifetimes and barring a career ending injury to Drew Brees he’ll go down as the #2 QB all time in every major passing stat.

An all time top QB shouldn’t have any difficulty going into a pass friendly system. Unless that age wall has in fact finally caught up to him. We saw cracks in the armor last season as he struggled to throw deep and out patterns. We saw it on Sunday. The velocity and range aren’t what they used to be which allows defenses to cheat as they don’t have to cover as much of the field. Brady’s knowledge and experience still makes him better than half the QB’s in the league but much like Peyton Manning in his last season he’ll need to the team to carry him rather than him carrying the team.

The Arizona Cardinals are off to a good start this season. I believe that they will be better than what most people thought and make the playoffs.

The KC Chiefs will probably win the Superbowl again. Not only do they have a very good quarterback, but they also have a very good field goal kicker.

The Cowboys dug themselves deep.

But in climbing out, evidently they did something that hasn’t been done in 87 years. :rofl:

Not a game to be proud of, since they played incompetently for 3 1/2 quarters, but an interesting finish nonetheless.

The Cowboys are fortunate they play in the NFC Least. Eagles are imploding. The Giants were probably a year away from being any sort of contender before Saquon went down. And Washington is only competing for a top 10 pick this year. This is easily the worst division in football so far and its not even close.

Washington is bad, but don’t believe they’re worst than the Eagles(who Washington beat in week 1) or the Giants. Dallas is easily the best team in the NFC east while everyone else will have a top 15 draft pick maybe top 10.

The Falcons blowing that onside kick lends a lot of credibility to those who believe the NFL is fixed.

How can that many players who have played this game for years not know you can’t let a kickoff roll dead?

:joy:. It’s never rigged!

Man, every Steelers big play so far a damn flag. ■■■■■■■ Bull ■■■■■

We can call them whatever we choose. Because they can’t make up their minds.

I really love the name Red tails. It’s honors a Patriotic, bad assed unit.

And this could be their logo.


Speak long enough and eventually you will say something I agree with!
I also like Red Tails

Woohoo! :wink:

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