The 2020 NFL Season

My Predictions (Playoff Teams in Bold):
AFC East:

AFC North:

AFC South:

AFC West:

NFC East:

NFC North:

NFC South:

NFC West:

That’s right, no offseason means Tom Brady’s Bucs will struggle and miss the playoffs.

Super Bowl:
Chiefs over Saints.

Barring injuries I think the Chiefs cakewalk to another superbowl.

Covid has thrown this season for such a loop that its going to come down to coaching and teams that remain largely unchanged from prior seasons meaning players didn’t have to learn a new system. The only major change the Chiefs have is at RB but Andy Reid has shown his system is so RB friendly that they can put almost anyone there and have success. The Ravens will regress as teams will have a year of tape to figure out how to defend Lamar Jackson. The Patriots lost way too much talent and Cam will have to prove he’s not broken. Phillip Rivers hit the age wall last year so the Colts are done before they start. Derrick Henry has so many miles on him at this point he’s due to break down which will implode the Titans.

Ditto with 49ers in the NFC. Other contenders are either inferior talent or have serious age related risks at QB where father time has to catch up to Brady and Brees at some point. As for the Cowboys, Mike McCarthy is the most overrated coach not named Adam Gase in the NFL. The Packers only had success under him because Aaron Rodgers was great enough to overcome him. I’m not sure Dak Prescott is that good.

Yep I’m calling a rematch.

The Cowboys will under-perform. As usual.

Otherwise, I am pretty much not making any predictions.

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Patriots will NOT make the playoffs. And finish dead last.

The cam newton experiment fails miserably.


Michael Irvin will pick the cowboys to win every game this season on the NFL network.

They won’t


Bill Belicheck will find a way to screw things up and lead the Pats to an 10-win season.

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The Chargers are pretty good except that they don’t really have a quarterback anymore.

I’d volunteer to give play by play in this thread tonight for all the boycotters, but who are we kidding? I’m gonna be too drunk.

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Im curious…I wonder how they chose who got to attend at Arrowhead tonight.

Can’t wait to read all of the crybabies who boycotting the game talking about the game.

Who are these “Redskins” you speak of?

I suggest Washington ■■■■■■ Bags for the teams new name.

Is this the season where 7 teams from each conference make the playoffs?

There is a 100 percent chance that their fan based will be drastically reduced.

I guess he didn’t hear about the name change? This is two minutes of very funny stuff. The future of the NFL. :grin:

This all sounds pretty good to me. It’s logical. Very hard to argue. But the NFL has been known to throw people for a loop. We’ve had 50 Super Bowls since the AFL and the NFL merged. Half of those Super Bowls featured at least 1 team that did not make the playoffs the year prior. And if I remember correctly, only one time did it feature a rematch.

When it becomes a pattern, that’s usually a coaching issue. Even though I’m not a big fan of McCarthy, he has to be better than the Red Menace.

Well, they don’t have a name, so it’s the Redskins until they do. I’ll be happy to call them their name when they finally choose one. But Football Team is not a name, it’s what they are. If someone asked you your name, will you answer, human?

Yes. Two garbage teams will be added this year.

I don’t know about this artificial crowd noise.

Poor Tom Brady.

I feel for him.


Watch Belichick will the Pats to the postseason while the Bucs collapse.

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As a life long disappointed Chicago Bears fan I know the Bears will once again suck this year, but I just want to thank baby Jesus for the Detroit Lions and give appreciation we get to face them again in December. Dagger Time LOL.