That story has been debunked!

A common refrain concerning democrats. One such being any wrongdoing by Biden has been debunked. Another is concerning the DNC server.

My question is this. Where is the report on Biden and where is the DNC server. If those questions cannot be answered then how has anything been debunked?


The “report” on the Burisma investigation is likely wherever the Ukraine Prosecutor General keeps their closed-case files.

The DNC server did not ever physically exist as a tangible object.


then how did crowdstrike examine it. Why did the us never investigate Obama administration activities. on another not if the Ukrainians have it as you allude to, is it ok for Trump to ask for it?

It was a cloud server. Crowdstrike, as has been reported many times, took an image of the cloud server as it existed at that moment in time to examine. The same image they provided to the FBI.


they didn’t supply it to the fbi

The House spent most of their time “investigating” Obama. Nothing came of it.

That depends on what you mean by “ok”.

Yeah, they did.

nothing about a cloud server here.

Gee… I wonder why. Perhaps you should examine your choices of “authorities”.

Here, I’ll let Kevin Poulson explain it:

are you saying the daily beast is correct and credible. Just remember most of the 140 servers were cloud based which means some were not. or did I get that wrong.

I don’t care about the Daily Beast. I think Kevin Poulsen is very credible, when it comes to computer security.

Yes, some of those “servers” were individual computers and laptops, hosting files shared with all on the network.

But there was no forensic value in confiscating and examining them.

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after reading about 4 more articles that all say the same thing I am somewhat curious.

both sides take a stance and claim the other side is a conspiracy theory.

both sides rely on second hand sources. neither side gives the other side any factual support.

so if it is true that the right wing has created a story out of whole cloth, what makes the left wing any more credible.

Both sides have said for two years the hammer is about to fall. neither side has broke an egg.

given this reality it seems neither side is credible.

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Why is that?

Both sides think their info is credible. It is possible that the dnc server was a cloud system, it is also possible that Hillary’s servers were cloud based. It seems however that it would be very simple to say which cloud, who hosted it, what were the security protocols and give details of the system to substantiate the claim. Yet, i have not seen this simple validation of the story.
I happened to read 4 stories that say the same thing about cloud servers, with the same verbiage.

I also hear that the intelligence community illegally surveilled Trump. I hear the fisa warrant was fraudulent. I also see no proof That this is true because nothing has been released.

Generally it is understood that the prosecution and defense see evidence differently. In the case of Trump we see allegation son both sides with no corroboration from either side.

is it the case that both sides are lying and if so to what end?

How about Jonah Goldberg in the National Review?

The suggestion that ‘the server’ is being hidden in some Ukrainian warehouse is straight-up bonkers.

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm, was hired to analyze the server — which was actually more than 140 different servers.

It gets loopier. As Trump suggested in his call with Zelensky, the theory is that CrowdStrike is a Ukrainian-owned or Ukrainian-connected company. It’s not. It’s based in California,

The suggestion that “the server” is being hidden in some Ukrainian warehouse, like the Ark of the Covenant at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie, is straight-up bonkers.


if indeed the oft repeated claim that the cloud was 140 servers, who owned and operated the cloud? who were the other clients on the network? how many of them were compromised? These are simple question that nobody has offered an answer for.

Now, the national review if full of never trumpers. Jonah is one of them

The Revanchist Herd demands bonkers lies to feed the stampede.

Moo moo.

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Crowdstrike is so good the GOP can’t even resist…

Amazon Web Services.

So bezos owned the DNC information and the post.