Thanks Sean - he tells partiers to wear a mask

“Look, I understand these are young people,” Hannity said Tuesday night. “Experts keep saying over and over they are at a much lower risk, but if they do get this and again there is no mask wearing here that I see. Not much at all.”

“I see no social distancing,” he continued. "But if they get the virus and then are in contact with older and more vulnerable Americans, that could be a disaster for others.

“That’s why in the short period of time, it’s only temporary, if you can’t social distance, please wear the mask,” Hannity said. "Do it for your mom, your dad, your grandma, your grandpa.”

“But we also need to use some common sense. You need to be cautious, take precautions because we don’t want it to spread to vulnerable people. We’ve seen what happens when we do," Hannity concluded.

Totally agree.

Wish he said this earlier.

Kudos Hannity.


It’s a good start. But more work is needed.

A poll this month by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 89 percent of Democrats and 72 percent of independents report wearing a mask every time or most of the time when they leave home, compared with 58 percent of Republicans.

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Nah, still not wearing one. Y’all do your duty and pay that rich CEO for his disposable masks if you must, or at least make one of your own like the lecturing elites do:



I wish more people understood that the mask doesn’t protect you. The mask protects others from you. So many don’t get it!

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What a way to find out the Ozarks are a real place.


That’s the theory.


Biden gets it and with a stylish take no less.

Black mask and 10 week pale skin contrast make quite the fashion furor.


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You need to get out more. The Ozarks cover 4 states. lol :wink:


Well it isn’t as classy as wearing more pancake stage makeup than a drag queen, I’ll grant you.


It was delightful to see Biden out and showing off full motor function while making a fashion statement.

Poll numbers way up.


Hannity gets it.

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That’s true. And a good one.

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Rachel could use some Trump media presentation tips. Looks Biden pale here.


Who is this and what’s your point?

They told us that the lockdown would be in effect until we flatten the curve. They were not honest with us. So what is the end game for wearing masks? Does anybody have any idea? What milestone must be achieved before we can remove them. I think this would be handy dandy information.

Fashion and media presentation.


Biden in his mask reminded me of this.

Rather fitting…well fitting.


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He’s been saying this for a long time.

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Pennsylvania’s health secretary.

I can’t speak to his point.

Every time this comes up, I am still amazed that wearing a mask during a pandemic has become part of the culture war Identity politics game.

Bonkers man… just bonkers.