Thanks but no thanks, I will pay my quarterly payroll taxes (income, Social Security, Medicare) on time

Thanks but no thanks.

The bill will still come due for everybody, just later rather than sooner.

Going to pay my quarterly payroll taxes on their regular due dates.

And I in the process of issuing an order to my payroll departments not to comply and to deduct payroll taxes as normal from all employees.

This crap won’t stand up in court anyhow. No reason to ■■■■ up our employees’ taxes or my company’s payrolls over it.


Attacking Social Security is a good way to lose Florida.

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There is absolutely no way in hell any of this is remotely Constitutional.

Right now, I can all but hear keyboards clicking as lawyers are drafting emergency court petitions and the sounds of these petitions being rushed to Federal Court. :smile:


I don’t think it will be but a matter of hours before Trump’s actions are enjoined by the Federal Courts.

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It’s all so stupid.

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I’m glad Ben Sasse found his spine.

Ben Sasse: “The pen-and-phone theory of executive lawmaking is unconstitutional slop. President Obama did not have the power to unilaterally rewrite immigration law with DACA, and President Trump does not have the power to unilaterally rewrite the payroll tax law.”


Oh I hope so.

Interesting. He called The Donald’s actions “slop”.

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On what basis? Isn’t the payroll tax determined by the executive branch of government?

It is determined by the Legislative branch of government.

Only Congress can suspend the payroll tax.

Who sets the rates? Who sets the maximum contribution? Is that not the Social security administration…? Not a congressional body, it’s part of the executive branch . I could be wrong but that’s my understanding.

Congress sets all of that. The rates, the maximum income cutoff levels, all that. The Executive has very little discretion in matters of income collection. There role is to collect the money as Congress has directed and to prosecute those who do not pay what they owe.

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I guess we’ll see if you are right. It seems to chap some asses that Trump took action but he’s always the one to blame when nothing happens by those same asses.

These are the two relevant sections of the statute relating to payroll taxes (other than regular income taxes). No mention is given of any authority of the President to suspend said tax collection.

And this section is relevant to me as representative of my employer:

(3) Tax paid by recipient

If an employer, in violation of this chapter, fails to deduct and withhold the tax imposed by section 3101(b)(2) and thereafter the tax is paid by the employee, the tax so required to be deducted and withheld shall not be collected from the employer, but this paragraph shall in no case relieve the employer from liability for any penalties or additions to tax otherwise applicable in respect of such failure to deduct and withhold.

If I actually listened to Trump and failed to withhold taxes from my employees, my company could be subject to tax penalties.

Thus my memo ordering my payroll departments to continue to collect payroll tax (and income tax) as normal.

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Right now, the ball is in the United States Senate’s court. They need to pass something and send it back to the House.


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Well, the ss administration is the one who announces the rates. Why is that?

I suggest you take a look at how Presidential powers profoundly expand during National Emergencies.

Plus here attached is a more recent article on payroll tax holiday’s:

Its not really a holiday you still need to pay the tax just later.

If you tuned in today, Trump said he could forgive it later too.