Thank Goodness Our VP is Safe

I hope she’s mentally ok. What a traumatic experience! Probably need counseling.


Glad she’s not hurt, flying in an airplane sucks. lol

It’s a waste of our money for her to be flying around the world though. It’s her fault we’ll be paying the repair bill now.

Making fun of mental health isn’t cool anymore

Yes it is, in this case. But why do you assume?

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at least she didn’t have to use a parachute…

Did she claim she needed counseling?

Not yet. But given AOC… and Fweedom was actually on the plane!


I have never heard of one of the executive aircraft having a problem. The Air Force has always done a excellent job at fleet readiness.

What does AOCs mental health have to do with Harris? Are they the same person?

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"It is a technical issue. There are no major safety concerns,’’

That could be anything from an erroneous warning light to someone forgetting to restock the liquor cabinet.


A brush with death will do that to a person.


ReNt FrEe!


Traumatic events.

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I am glad we agree karmela isn’t mentally well


“Fweedom.” Smh

It’s funny because a mob stormed the Capitol. Hardy har.

Are they the same person?

That’s not what I agreed to… I don’t think making fun of mental health is cool. Whether or not Kamela (or anyone) needs it.

Both WOC. Comin’ up from the mean streets!

Ran out of Jamesons?