Texas Unemployment

I got furloughed from my job March 23, 2020. The company I worked for had to close as nonessential.
I filed for Texas unemployment online the same day.

I received a notice about a week later saying I must call them to supply additional information. I have been unable to. I either get a busy signal or a recording saying the phones are overloaded and to try again. I have probably called 200 or 300 times with the same results. I can’t email them. There is no email address I can use.
I haven’t collected a dime in unemployment and probably won’t.

I know of a guaranteed fix for the situation. Simply require that the governor must call that same number daily and get answered in order to receive his paycheck. It will work. The phones will miraculous open up.


Our government at work…

I’m sorry for your troubles my friend and hope things turn around for you…and all of us.


All the banking websites started crashing yesterday when people started getting stimulated with money. lol


I haven’t received mine yet. I should have been in the first wave. I probably fell through the cracks.

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Haven’t gotten one here either. Not expecting to, but it’ll be nice if it happens.

Hope all is well with you and your family my friend.

My youngest daughter has moved out into the country with her mother and I. I’m enjoying it too. My wife…who is a neat freak…allowed her to bring her two kitties with her but they had to stay in her bedroom. This morning while I was working in my office, I heard my Kelly girl say to her mother, “don’t be mad…”. Is there anything worse than cat piss? I’ll bet it’d kill the corona virus? Either way, my wife just smiled…and told her it was “ok”. Damn…I never thought I’d ever hear that come out of my neat freak wife’s mouth. :sunglasses:


Sorry to hear this. Likely the agency is understaffed. Perhaps more funding might be appropriate in the future? When I see the lines at the BMV I think the same thing. One shouldn’t have to wait over an hour to get service.

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Cat pee is easy! Windex and a scoop of oxyclean will take that right out! You’ll want to stand on a towel over the wet spot before and after the cleanup for maximum effectiveness.


I just copied that and sent it to my wife in an email. Thanks. :tumbler_glass: :sunglasses:

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Yeah…that’s it. It requires more money. :sunglasses:

The same thing is happening in Florida. Not sure if they’ve fixed it yet. There were questions, from the GOP, if the new unemployment rules were deliberately set to make it harder to apply.

It does. This is unacceptable.

The governor needs to get some EOs out that deal with this. Perhaps automatically granting a 1 week grace period where you receive benefits while they clarify your information.

Perhaps. Maybe provide more services online? I don’t know, but the lines at the BMV are ridiculous around here. Sorry to tell you, Champ, but you get what you pay for. If you are content with waiting for over an hour each time you visit the BMV that is your choice. I’d be willing to find them so they can expand and provide better service. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I wrote a long post but it didn’t fit the thread title so I deleted it.

5.25 million people filed for unemployment benefits according to this morning’s numbers. Given the OP’s example that number is probably low. What is it now, 22 or 23 million Americans have now lost their jobs in the last month?

It’s time to get America bad to work.

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It’s happening across the country, nothing unique to Texas. That being said, this is the government Texans want, a famously low service state where the entire budget is basically schools and health care and not much else.

That many people getting let go all at once , every state has been strained .

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You’re right. We need to get America back to work. Even if it will cause hundreds of thousands of people to get sick and die, we can’t use that as justification to destroy the economy. The cure can’t be worse than the disease.

If the issue is lack of staffing then more money would help, right?

I under stand why the phones are overloaded. Unemployment claims have increased 20 fold since early March. They cannot hire and train that many new people in a month.

What they can do is use a little common sense. Why require people to call in, like they did me? Why not expand what one can do online without a phone call? They know it is next to impossible to call in. The website is overloaded during the daytime, but it is accessible in the middle of the night.

If they can email me and tell me to call in to supply additional information, then they can email me and tell me what they need to know and allow me to answer their questions online.

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web site says i got mine. bank ballance says otherwise. no way to contact the bank. chat function is off, noone on the phones, no email. typical