Texas Supreme court - lack of immunity to the coronavirus does not count as a "disability"

Those that want to make it so a state has vote by mail, needs to work through the system, not create fake ways of doing it.

“We agree with the State that a voter’s lack of immunity to COVID-19, without more, is not a ‘disability’ as defined by the Election Code. But the State acknowledges that election officials have no responsibility to question or investigate a ballot application that is valid on its face,” the opinion delivered by Chief Justice Nathan Hecht said.

Good rulling in my opinion. Not haveing immunity to COVID-19 is not a disability.

Meanwhile a federal court just last week ruled that Texas voters afraid of catching the novel coronavirus can request absentee mail-in ballots due to the pandemic. That decision was appealed by Paxton as well, and was temporarily halted pending the decision of a federal appeals court.

The challenge to the vote by mail for anyone has been on a dual track state and federal court. With the state ruling, the federal court should look to that and rule the same. It doesn’t meet the states definition of disability.

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Why would people work so hard for “vote-by-mail”, where the opportunity for fraud dramatically increases, instead of proving who you are and honestly voting? :sunglasses:

Because it doesn’t dramatically increase.

Maybe they think if the President can vote by mail they should be able to also.

Is that how you think or does Trump do your thinking for you?

I really don’t get how the virus is spread by voting. If you cover your nose & mouth & show up at your polling station, the only contact you’ll have with an election volunteer is upon entering & leaving upon receiving an I VOTED TODAY sticker.

Its secret ballot means individual booths that are set apart for that reason. You drop them in the box, get the aforementioned sticker, then leave.

Some of these same individuals probably don’t mind flooding Walmart, but they’re handicapped as far as voting? Nope.

God bless Texas. The calling of lack of immunity to COVID 19 what it is—able bodied human beings—is 100% correct.

Since the total of my views don’t line up with any major politician I know of, I am pretty sure that I am capable of thinking for myself. Unlike Trump who adopted a segment of societies views because he wanted to be President.


That’s you.

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Then answer that simple question? Why would you choose to apply a rule that you should knowingly understand will open up a huge hole for fraud?

Because it won’t do that.

If you think that voting by mail is ripe for fraud then you should be against anyone voting by mail. You can’t have it both ways. You want your type of people to be able to vote by mail when it suits you but not everyone else. Trump has the means to travel way easier than most people. He is the last person who needed to vote by mail.

Claimed to. Of course he flips positions more often than most women change clothes so it’s hard to tell.

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I am against voting by mail…except for the military when they’re on assignment out of the country. Is that clear enough? Now…how about you?

Ok good, but I just dropped my first vote by mail ballot in the mail since I was in the military and it was kind of easy. You fill out your ballot, you but in an unmarked envelope then you put that in an envelope the has all your information including your signature that they can verify with the one they have on file. I kinda liked it, so I will keep it if I can.

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I spent 20 years in the military and was a resident of New York (I’m from upstate not the city).

During those 20 years I did tours in California, Tennessee, Florida and Virginia - I I shouldn’t have gotten to vote for 14 of my 20 years since I wasn’t out of the country?

(You know that military members vote in their state of residence, which is not the same as their state of duty assignment right?)

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Because they want to cheat. Real simple.

Did you not even read his post before responding? :roll_eyes:

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Hmmmm resident of New York, who’s job will probably keep him in a different state during the eletion. That to me is a reason for absentee ballot.

Now compare that to someone who probably has no way of knowing if they are immune or not to a disease that wants to vote by mail (contrary to the law on the books).

Define cheating. Is it cheating if you get a bunch of people who wouldn’t normally go to the polls to cast a legal vote by mail?

I thought he changed his residency to Florida? Either way, he can travel very easily and he could easily plan to be in Florida or New York for the election.