Texas relief effort

AOC doing her part.

God bless AOC :us: :us: God bless America :us: :us:


Thank you little girl. Today, you are a leader.

I let her know.


This is great to see.

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Good stuff.

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Credit due @Sknyluv

In the immortal words of Crystal Gayle; :musical_note: Don’t it make my red state blue… :musical_keyboard:

Credit where credit is due.


In Bronx today.



There is a pretty big difference.

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:rofl: Not to 99% of the world. I fixed it.

Come on!

giphy (2)

Preach it, li’l sister!

I don’t think she should go, though.

Have the check delivered and do a video call if you want.

But Texas needs all its resources to recover, not watch over politicians from out of state.

Pretty girls make morale go up. Fact.

She can come on down.

Do a little dancin’. I got her dance up music ready.

“Where my people”

Light up Austin!

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Not a charity I would trust. lol

Let your freak flag fly!

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Actually “The Bronx”

Don’t forget the “the”

Good job member of the squad…

See they ain’t all bad.



Not sure why my post got deleted :man_shrugging: but here is a good article on how people can help

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Will also accept “boogie down” in place of “the”

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No. That’s not Spanish.