Texas freezes ,ted cruz flies to cancun

while texas is undergoing a crisis of massive proportions senator ted cruz decided he would take a trip to cancun…

of course when the news got out and the publicity looked bad he decided to turn aroudn and come home.


First January 6th and now this. I’m starting to think he’s purposely tanking his 2024 chances

So? Never gone anywhere to get away from the cold?


What an idiot.

Bad optics, but when the power is out a senator is basically useless.

While your constituents are freezing to death?

What is Ted supposed to do about it?

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You and nobody on the left gives a damn when a liberal governor issues orders for COVID then goes out and dines indoor at a $1000 a plate restaurant while deliberately flaunting his own orders. Spare me the fauxrage.


Show them his ice cream stash of course.

Act like he gives a ■■■■ .

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Like Newsome and his selective covid protocols? I must have missed the act from him on that.

So Ted and Gavin are on the same level.

Not being a Texan. I would note that Cruz is not an unknown quantity. Texans got what the voted for, so…meh

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Californians are holding him accountable and going to force him to defend himself in a recall election

By doing what? Some photo ops? He can care and go on vacation. Psst, I sometimes leave my state in the winter for warmer climes, not a bit of my fault if someone else freezes while I am gone.

Difference is, Cruz going to Cancun doesn’t harm anyone.

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It looks absolutely terrible, though.

It’s not good for morale. Which is why he’s scurrying back home.

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The similarities being that neither will ever be elected to a position of power again

Seems you care about the Dem…yet oddly not about Cruz ®.

Engaging in activities that help the people of Texas during this disaster.

You’re not a US Senator.