Texas Does It Again

Now we’ve really done it! Abbott signed the racist election bill.


Why does America make it so hard to vote.

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Only for the incompetent.


If it’s still got the clauses in it that drastically lower the bar for claiming fraud and also allowing for more partisan control of the election apparatus…that will backfire.

Because making it easier to vote favors Dems.


why does canada?

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which part do you want to talk about,

voting is quite easy in Canada you can register and vote on the same day.
Canada has automatic voter registration based on employment, tax filing, etc.
Canada has voter by mail for any reason.
employer are required to give two hours on uninterrupted time off with pay on election day.
Canada doesn’t require photo ID to vote.

Did the Dems run away again?


it’s plenty easy enough

it should be harder

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Go Texas! They better lock and load because AG Garland is going to have a cow.


Yeah, but besides that.

I can’t imagine why pre-clearance was built into the Voting Rights Act.


Why? Why must it be harder?

it does, but allows alternatives, like a power bill and health card (you need 2). where do you suppose a homeless vagrant will get one? come to think of it, they can’t vote at all since you need proof of address.


because making it so easy opens it up to people who dont take the process seriously plus increases potential for fraud

homeless people can use shelter, local out reach centre as residence.
they don’t even have to live there simply need the place to sign a one page piece of paper.

so get the shelter to lie for them. thats secure


There is no Constitutional requirement for seriousness of one’s vote.

Fraud is also not a thing… even though Right wing media really wants it to be a thing… it really isn’t a thing.

So what you really mean is your right to vote is more imprint at than other people’s. Because you’re better than them.


i know

i love it