Texas Dems Flee State to Avoid Vote

He still has a job doesn’t he?

looks like there is a loop hole in the law that dems are using. it is legal. not the ideal way to do it but extreme case require extreme measure.


oh by making it harder to commit voter fraud, making them more secure

some ways are by cutting down on lengtb of early voting time, no drive-thru ballots, better regulation of polling places and mail votes, better paper trail, etc

all things dems usually love about everything else in life unless it makes it harder for them to turn texas blue

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If they can be arrested, how legal is it really?

How’d you like that picture of them on the plane smiling with their liquor?


Not technically illegal.

I mean, how does this even give them any leverage? Kill the filibuster moderate Dem Senators, or we will go back to Texas and the voting restrictions will pass?

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Voter fraud is an issue in Texas?

I’m fine with making voting more secure, but I’m not sure how limiting voting accomplishes that.


Not equivalent or relevant and two wrongs will never make right.

Uncivil and selfish.

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The limiting misnomer again?

They all flew to Washington D.C. on a private jet, proving yet again that all Democrats are only loyal to the National Party rather than the locals who actually elect them. DNC first, DNC forever.

They’re also drinking beer in the airplane pics, which required a photo ID to purchase, something that Democrats believe is far too complicated to acquire when it comes to voting.


When the things gets tough libs run away.

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What is exactly a lawmakers duty?

Plenty of congresspeople miss votes and nobody wants them arrested.


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Limiting voting is exactly that.

Less citizens voting by making it more difficult to cast a ballot.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

We all know what is going on here.

Let’s not pretend.


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It would seem to me that if you are opposed to something, you stand your ground and voice your opposition. If you take off when you are supposed to be at work, I think your employer - the taxpayer - should dock your pay and take those absences out of your vacation and leave.


Are you saying you didn’t approve of what McConnell did?

Are you saying you approve of what Texas dems did?

Actually I don’t approve, now that you ask.

Texas GOP was elected in a free and fair election.

You fight their laws in court if you think they are unconstitutional.

That’s how it works in this country.

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Does that include congresspersons too.

We need a refund on Madison cawthorne…


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The state of Texas does not require individuals over the age of 21 to show ID to purchase alcohol.

To be clear.

:rofl: That was nifty.

Do Texas laws apply in airplanes?