Texas Declares Emergency

will do some research

F6 Source

They should just kick out the American foster kids to make room for the illegals.


i can see how the unaccompanied minors are overrunning state facilities.

biden’s policies are to blame of course

im not sure i disagree with this decision

I can too, but it’s not the kids’ fault. Nor the business’.

they are def in middle. but foster kids and others care at these facilities is over-burdened. they have to consider their well being too.

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Agreed, but this isn’t the way to go about it.

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one things for sure. it will be used against him politically

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It isn’t the kid’s fault to be sure. They are just pawns.

However, I do agree with yanking the licenses of facilities that are housing undocumented children.

Enough is enough.

I don’t think I do.

Keep throwing out the welcome mat.

Or, take a tough stance.

Not a great position Biden has put these kid in, is it.

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Punishing business to punish kids.

abbot will take the heat for it though

thats how democrats play. they make other people deal with the ■■■■■■■■■■ they create and then turn it on them politically


Biden did nothing to bring kids in. There were kids brought during every admin.

But you’d throw them on the streets. There goes that conservative compassion again

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He gave the order.

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theres much more now

besides, this isnt “every admin”. it’s BIDEN’s

deal, dont blame

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That’s not true.

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Biden created the mess.

We have yet to take care of our own back yard.

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Not by ruining businesses and punishing kids.

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Compassion would be making sure they stay in their own country with their parents.