Texas Declares Emergency

because the admin isnt doing their job. are you surprised?

unbelievable how they are just letting rapists, murderers, gang members and other mexico’s worst flood into the country

people’s properties, lives ruined because pathetic democrats like unlikeable harridan VP Harris want to turn texas blue


They don’t care who gets ruined or killed in the name of their agenda.


they sure dont seem to

it would be one thing if they were trying to fix this, but it is obvious they want this. it’s downright sick

who knows how much crime, drugs, gang members, etc is flowing into texas/the US

talk about an admin not only NOT doing their job, but doing the opposite

just sickening


Sometimes they want people to die so they can advance their agenda, like with the Kung Flu. :man_shrugging:


I’m curious…Does this give him extra powers legislatively? Interesting timing, seeing how the Texas voter bill just got shut down.

I personally believe the current administration is being overwhelmed by its desire to be politically correct. I’m betting they have no clue as to what needs to be done and are afraid to do anything that might offend the most extreme lefties in the DEM party.

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could very well be! “wokeism” is at the heart of every decision and policy they make now

just look at the idiotic virtue signaling of having blm flags at US embassies

dangerous clueless children in charge

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this biden nominee jackass cant even answer if he would keep illegal entry into the country illegal

good lord.


Precisely. If they have to sacrifice minorities to achieve it so be it.

Now you know why I made that statement earlier.

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What agenda is that?

Pick one. :rofl:

No you. :rofl:

I choose, all of them. lol

The open borders agenda.

Personally, I figured that would’ve been obvious given the subject of the thread, but it’s a recurring theme with leftist agendas. All require pain, suffering, and death to carry out.


I disagree with one thing I heard Abbott is doing with this. That he is pulling the license of day cares who agree to take taxpayer money to care for illegal kids.

I sincerely hope that’s fake news.


what does he claim his agenda now?

links etc?

everything they do accomplishes the complete opposite if its stated intent.

but this isnt just negligence. this is so bad it has to be part of a plan.

so bad states have to take charge


Heard it on the news this morning.