Texas county GOP moves to remove leader for being Muslim

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I’m curious what actions Tomahawk is referring to.

He became one? The man was born & raised in Pakistan.

He became a trauma surgeon.

He supports and represents conservative values in the U S, & the G O P has no business removing him from his post.

For more details.

This appears to be a small local group that fears everything Muslim and believes Sharia is about to replace our laws and traditions vs every elected and higher Republican official in the state, county etc.


Survey results are not limited to one part of the U S, although, looking at which political affiliation is most likely to have a negative view of Muslims, I can see why there are more voters & candidates registered for office on the Democratic ticket.

Who wants to visit a house where they aren’t welcome?

This surgeon should just be like Roy Moore. He gets massive support.


Most Texas Republicans, including Governor Greg Abbott, support Dr. Shafi & oppose the move to remove him from his post.

There is just as much bigotry in the northeast as anywhere, if not more—from the Boston Bus Riots to opposition to a Grand Mosque going up in Roxbury.

The opposition failed.

Try some others.

They report such “actions” as supporting the Second Amendment and limited government as well as revering as sacred life from womb to tomb.

Dorrie O’Brien’s Facebook post, where she tries to spin the bigotry back at Easton and pretty much claim by removing Shahid she was actually going to improve his lot by offering a “better” position was breathtaking in its audacity.

I always think people can never sink lower.

I’m always surprised when they do.

Btw, here are the two main players in this story. The Hate-e is on the left. The Hate-r is on the right.

He survived the recall, 139-49.

Good to see the pushback, letting this ■■■■ fly at the local political level is how you end up with normalising it at the national level.


Unfortunately I suspect this mindset is here to stay amongst American conservatives of a certain age. It’s been allowed to creep in.

Once that ■■■■ creeps in and it becomes normalised to speak in such a way, it’s real hard to get rid of. Seen the same thing with the rise of anti-semitism on the left via the pro Palestinian movement.

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She seems nice.


I wonder if Ms. O’Brein’s attitude would change if her life, or the life of a loved one, were to be saved by Dr. Shahid.

Only the best people.

Only 49 Republicans voted to oust her. That’s only like 1 out every 4 Tarrant County Republicans.

25% of Republican lawmakers wanted to remove a colleague based on his religion. That should be disturbing to every professed Christian (and any other religious person) in that county with the ability to ponder the pontential consequences to themselves.

I suppose it’s encouraging that the majority of Republicans voted their support for Shafi, and idiots like Sara Levgold remain on the fringes of the party. Also notable is that Daily Beast reported Senator Ted Cruz came out against the measure to expel Shafi.

Cruz had no choice.

It didn’t “creep in”, it was always here…with a minority as indicated by your post that the recall failed 139-49.
The only people disappointed by the result are a few extremists and the media that lost a cool story.

So 26% is “a few extremists”? Tarrant County Republican Party is 26% extremist?