Texas county GOP moves to remove leader for being Muslim

Seems like a good way to make conservative American Muslims abandon the Republican party, if they haven’t already.

Nice to see some noteworthy sitting Republicans condemn the move though.

And some people try to tell you Texaas isn’t the south. :joy: :rofl:

What does his religion have to do with anything?

Texas is about as low as it gets except for Florida.

What does this have to do with the South. The South has no monopoly on discrimination against Muslims. This is religious discrimination, which is a national phenomenon regarding Muslims.

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In Texas, where they love all things guns, imagine if he showed up with an AK-47.

He’d be dead on the spot.

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If he doesn’t represent is constituents, why wouldn’t he be removed? I am sure “TheHill” is telling the whole story…

You mean the part about white, Christian bigotry. That part.

The part where his actions, not his identity, is getting him removed.

What actions?

Becoming a Muslim.

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Exactly, why is the article not reporting them?

They don’t exist.

Yes, we know, nothing really exists unless some left wing rag reports it.

Maybe you can point to the actions that you find objectionable. I don’t think you can because he’s a good honorable man.

Maybe Stephan Miller is posting on here today?

What makes you think this man did any “actions” that are leading to his removal?

The woman leading the effort to remove him has stated clearly that her reason for doing so is due to his religion, and not any actions he did or did not take.

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