Teleprompter problems

Apparently Trump had trouble with his teleprompter during his speech.

I seem to remember quite a bit of criticism here of Obama’s use of one.

Has the technology changed to make it acceptable for the POTUS to use them now? I can’t seem to find any information on these changes.

It seems this technology has also changed our presidents’ mid as well.

"Why does @BarackObama always have to rely on teleprompters?"

and referring to Hillary:

"Bad performance by Crooked Hillary Clinton! Reading poorly from the telepromter! She doesn’t even look presidential!"

Perhaps my conservative friends could help me out here on the changes that have taken place in order to make this device acceptable?


I’m curious to see how this one goes since it’s blown up in their faces.

On the old board didn’t someone have an avatar of Obama looking for a TelePrompTer as they ducked in and out of frame?

Whatever happened to that?

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Yes, I noticed that since CNN apparently had reported fake expectations that Trump would turn this into a political rally and this blew up in its CNNs face, they fell back on some mistake Trump was supposed to have made in a sentence.

He did make a mistake. I always find it funny when politicians ■■■■ up.

However the irony is Trump criticized obama for using a teleprompter as did our host. Strange how times change.


Didn’t Trump say that teleprompters should be banned once ? I guess that teleprompter decided to take up revenge by joining LeResistance :wink:

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Trump can read a good speech but he can’t read a good speech well.

He puts periods where there are none, and rolls through 'em like I roll through stop signs.

If only he wasn’t so surprised to hear what he has to say, he might sound sincere.


That wasn’t entirely unexpected. He made mistakes in more than one sentence.

57 states?

Do you remember the complaints about Obama’s use of the teleprompter?

57 states?

Do you remember the complaints about Obama’s use of the teleprompter?

Of course they remember. What we are living through is embarrassing. I really thought conservatives were better than this. I was wrong.


Remember spicy mustard?

Remember TOTUS?


Tan suits, terrorist fist bumps!

You can’t even deny that Conserative media want after Obama for the stupidest stuff.

They run a full segment on a fist jab.

Dad Jeans the horror.

Trump did exactly what the Right wing media scared people Obama was doing and they love it. They actually defend Putin while claiming their mantra is no to Socialism. Its not bizarre, its a lie.

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Party first if Ds win the WH in 2020 you will see everyone switch again.

I’m born in 1975. I cant support the USSR. All I’ve been brainwashed to believe is they are the #1 enemy.

I don’t remember the original “joke”, but I remember it being used a dozen times for excusing ridiculous “jokes” against Trump.

Fox news attacked him for being an elitist for having spicy mustard on his hamburger, claiming he was out of touch with the “common people”.

Fox and talk radio attacked Obama almost daily for stupid stuff like this.

Obama cant throw a baseball.
Obama wear a helmet when riding a bike.
Obama didn’t wear a red or blue tie.
Obama fist bump his wife.
Obama had a marine hold a umbrella for him.
Obama wore jeans.

Its 100% the same thing liberal media is doing with Trump, they take every chance to take a cheap shot at them.

and if a liberal win 2020 the side will switch and start all over again.

but that is what politics in America has boiled down too cheap jokes.