Ted Cruz called out on the Senate floor for intentionally causing the deaths of American Citizens

I look forward to the evidence-free denials from the right that Ted Cruz got people killed because he shut down the government to try and be president.

He failed at becoming president but succeeded at killing Americans.

Let’s have lots more yelling at Ted Cruz in 2019.


Cucked on the Senate Floor? Say it ain’t so.

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Epic smack down


Oh no boo hoo. Poor baby. :roll_eyes: I think the senator from Colorado is the one crying the crocodile tears. He doesn’t realize that they don’t need the federal government to respond to a natural disaster, yes? The state government can ask for help from other states. The rest of the video is just an ill-informed temper tantrum. He also doesn’t realize (apparently) that the Dem’s bill to fund the wall contained a lot of pork.

He’s trying to blame it all on Ted Cruz. And it’s not reality.

Compassionate conservatism.

I don’t have sympathy for people who are narcissistic, demanding, manipulative, and overall hateful. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Ted Cruz held up funding for the Northeast after Sandy but gladly took it for Hugo.

â– â– â– â–  him.

He sucks.


I also don’t have any sympathy for people who try to play the victim.

So you no longer support Trump? Good to hear.


As an aside, that beard is a really bad look for Cruz.

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Everything that has ever gone wrong is Ted Cruz’ fault. Everybody knows this. Even Ted Cruz.

say what you will about cruz, but he beat beto and his money

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Cruz beat Beto 50.9% to 48.3% in a state Trump won by 9 points. Go Ted?

Yeah… the fact that it was even a close contest speaks volumes.

In Texas. This is sorta like Bernie bragging about beating some Republican challenger by 2 points in Vermont.

So apparently Cruz wanted to see that the Coast Guard people were paid during the shutdown and instead of agreeing that they should be paid that looney toon from Colorado goes into an insane hate filled rant from some past shut down…which was on Obama for refusing to sign a funding bill in 2013.

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You don’t think Ted Cruz deserves hate for getting people killed?

Obama could have signed the funding bill in 2013, so you dont’ think Obama deserves hate for getting people killed?

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Ouch. Donald Trump will be angry you don’t have sympathy for him.