Tear down the monuments and memorials

There is a movement on now to tear down the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial because Washington and Jefferson were slave owners.
That is fine as long as we are consistent.
The Lincoln Memorial should be the first to go.

Lincoln was an avowed racist and White Supremacist. He opposed the spread of slavery because he feared it would lead to intermarriage and make us a race of “mongrels”. He believed Blacks to be inferior and that Whites should be their masters. He did not believe they should vote or sit on juries.

After the death of Henry Clay, Lincoln became the chief advocate for the Colonization movement. It called for the expatriation of Blacks to some other country. In 1862 he sponsored a bill to fund expelling them to Panama. It failed. The Republican congress wanted Blacks to stay here for votes and cheap labor.

Four days before his death he told Gen. Benjamin Butler that colonization was still his goal and asked him to explore for a suitable country to send them to.

I’ve given my reasons.

How much actual thought is behind the tearing down of statues?

If there was any thought behind it, Lincoln would be torn down.

How about all the movies? How about the COP movies? What about Walking Tall? That movie is about a guy who runs for sheriff and then proceeds to punish all those who he believes have done wrong.
What’s the difference? I mean actors are making money off these…

We will get there… let’s get past these treacherous confederate generals first. One step at a time.

Washington and Jefferson were not Confederate Generals. BLM is now demanding their memorials be torn down. Why not get the worst first- Lincoln?

Sure let’s do Lincoln first. Not sure why you care?

Why is Lincoln the worst?

Answered in my first post.

The “cancel culture” has be come weaponized, feeling invincible and emboldened. I fear there will be an unfortunate reckoning.

We should just burn the entire country down and then burn every other country down that has ill towards their people in the past as well.

You notice that nobody is pulling down museums. They are pulling down statues honoring these people. Statues that, by their presence, imply that the subject deserves to be honored. Saying that Lee deserves public honor IS forgetting the history. The existence of these statues was the forgetting of history. The removal of these statues is remembering what that history actual was.


Yes yes. And freed the slaves and got the 13th amendment passed though congress.

He was no friend to the slave.

He was born in a slave state too.

Lincoln geez.

He was only the best president ever.

Bar none.

One day we will have the trump memorial it will be underground with a bunker beneath so that trump,s ghost can go down to it anytime he is frightened.


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Only monuments of blacks will be approved from here on?

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No… what kind of question is that? Grasping

Lincoln didn’t free the slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation freed only a small part of the slaves in Confederate territory. It kept the slaves in the US as slaves. It was done simply to weaken the South. Lincoln said as much.
Lincoln wanted the 13th amendment to make freed slaves available for colonization- to send out of the country.

Who should replace Washington and Jefferson… Farrakhan and Assata Shakur?

Who says they need to be replaced?

Is there anyone or anything from the founding of our country that can be left alone, or is everything bad and everyone guilty?