Teachers Coached Girl, 12, Into Trans Identity, Accused Parents of Abusing Her

“A few days after a meeting with the teachers, police officers appeared at the family’s home and said that a complaint had been made to Child Protective Services…”

This is happening all over the country. In the local school here where I live, my 1st grader nephew was told many times he is a girl, & should start dressing like one. Each time he came home upset & told his parents.

FYI: He’s not tranny, he has a learning disability. But hey, who cares about him? The agenda is the important thing, right?

They was afraid if they complained they would get CPS come & take him away from them. They finally moved out of state. Guess what, he’s not done that way there.

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This simply confirms what I’ve said here in Hannity Land that this is the adults in a child’s life, transferring their confusion into their young life. It isn’t about the children or helping them. It’s about confused adults in a child’s life. They should be severely prosecuted and disbarred from ever teaching again.


Your bias.

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I am going to take the article in the OP with grain of salt

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Yes…I am biased to children having a happy childhood free of the confusion that so many have in their ill run lives.

Well that’s not entirely true but this will broach on a subject that’s against tos for me to broach so i will just leave it at that

Some of these children whose lives are ruined by these pro-perversion activists are gonna come back to get revenge when they grow up.


What’s missing from these accounts is what exactly happened between the child and the two teachers. The parents, justifiably in my opinion, were angry these conversations were happening without their knowledge. But, the nature of these conversations (ie, gender identity) could warrant excluding the guardians pending consultations with school leaders and possibly mental health professionals. Where you draw that line (include guardians or not) is tricky, given the age of the child.

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This is just plain sick! It’s perverted! Perverts are in charge of children in our schools…!!!


Oh no!


They are similarly under everyone’s bed!!! Run

Or at least they hope they could be.

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Who is it again wants to make government just small enough so they can be in our bedrooms to regulate those “perverts” in private settings?

Yeah that’s what i thought.

The problem with this way of looking at it is the age of the children. A 12 year is already facing issues of gender-identity and sexuality. Gender identity starts to express at a far younger age that 12. One who is already questioning and researching gender issues is in need of guidance, and if the parents are anti-trans as an indisputable matter, then the children need some outlet. As I have read the reports on this particular issue, the two teachers formed an after-school support group and invited kids who they knew had gender questions. It sounds all very sinister that they discovered this one persons gender questioning through monitoring their Google searches, but in fact all internet use within a school is monitored. I have trouble seeing anything wrong with teachers offering a supportive opportunity.


Pre(D)ators strike again.


I got a shovel for what I’m going to take it with.


Only in a prog’s mind is it “tricky”.


The mother speaks at school board meeting.


The greater problem is the mirage that dumb asses see, that isn’t actually there. Are there any gender issues? Yes…but it’s a rare phenomenon. What’s more common, is stupid people thinking they’re so ■■■■■■■ smart.


School is not a private setting and teachers are government workers, so your comment has no meaning.