Tax Preparer Refuses to Serve Lesbian Couple

Public. Is the CPA a government employee? No. Private sector, move along.

Get in the closet Christian!

This is one of the reasons I am for removal of all public accommodation laws. If they were removed, the preparer would be free to live as he she wishes and associate with who he/she chooses. I believe everyone should have this freedom…not just special classes of preferred peoples. Also, religion should have no part or basis in it.

I mean Juicy Smollett had the freedom to hire two blacks. Where is the outcry that he didnt diversify and hire a Black and a White thug. But yet had he went to a white thug, and the white thug refused to beat him up because he was black, then you all would be complaining about that. So why does Juicy’s freedom rank higher than others?

Nope, no discrimination.

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It’s interesting to see who exactly would be in favor of “Black Lunch Counters.” You cant even spin this one to be “freedom of expression.”

What do you have against Black people? They should have the right to open a business that caters to Blacks if that is what they want to do. What makes you so special to tell them they cant?

Public Accommodation laws are constitutional.

public accommodation laws.

Tell it to your pal Jessi. He sure didnt hire white guys.

was Jessi a business operating under a business license?
You should read the paperwork you sign when you start a business.

She doesn’t have to hide her Christianity. She could have hidden being a jerk though.

Im sure he must have been…Im sure he filled out a 1099 on them and everything. You know…for contract services.

When she applied for a business licence she agreed not to discriminate based on sexuality.

I’m sure the IRS will bust him.

Did you see her application? How do you know? I didnt agree to anything on my business license other than than the information I put on it was true.

Maybe you guys could push for laws that requires certain statements to be put on business applications that people should have to agree with to get the license.

When you sign up for a business licence you agree to follow PA laws, if you don’t follow PA laws the government can take your licence away.

Maybe in Canada…Not in my state

every state in America has PA laws.

Dot disputing that…You said you agree to them when you sign up for a business license. I have a business license and there was no such statement on the application.

maybe then should explain the law better when you sign up for one, because when you operate a business you agree to follow PA laws.

now not every state covers sexuality in their PA laws.