Tax Preparer Refuses to Serve Lesbian Couple


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Recently a Lesbian couple, married last year, tried to get their taxes filed, and their tax preparer refused to serve them, because they were legally married.

In a statement she then released, Fivecoate insisted that she has gay clients, but as a Christian she cannot prepare a married same-sex couple’s taxes. “The LGBT [sic] want respect for their beliefs, which I give them,” she claimed. “I did not say anything about their lifestyle. That is their choice. It is not my choice. Where is their respect for my beliefs?”

So apparently, the tax preparer objects to them being married, and having her file their tax returns is against the wishes of the bible. Where does the bible ever say “thou shall not prepare taxes for lesbians”? More over, how preparing somebody’s taxes constitutes as violating someone’s beliefs? Nobody is asking the tax preparer to endorse their marriage or anybody’s else lifestyle, just file their taxes. They are not asking for a custom-made cake.

What is really sad is this is 2019 folks. We’re still having issues with people being denied services for being who they are. Whether or not, your customer is married or not, shouldn’t at all factor in whether they are worthy of getting their taxes done. I am pretty sure I am going to hear some B.S excuse for religious right folks about some bible verse way in the back.


Fivecoate insisted that she has gay clients

This statement makes the whole story nonsensical.


Of course it doesn’t make sense. If you have gay clients, don’t you expect that some of them will be getting their taxes done jointly.


It’s incoherent at best…

Either you perform services for that protected class, or you don’t.


I don’t know why this Christian doesn’t listen to the words of our Lord and render to Caesar those things that are Caesar’s and to The Lord, those things that are The Lord’s? Taxes were the exact example The Lord used too? It doesn’t make any sense from a Christian POV IMO.


Seems like a weird place to draw her line if she already has gay clients.


Because it’s about politics and prejudice, not religion.


What would Jesus do is a question Christians should ask themselves. I’ve found that a potential answer must pass the Christian litmus test; did it come from love and does it end in love? Applying that to this situation, did the accountant make the decision based on love? IMO…no. They were attempting to place themselves in The Lord’s shoes and judge. Did it lead to love? No…it’s led to a lawsuit.


Something tells me, she made that part up. I mean, how is she suppose to know her clients taste in significant others? I don’t remember the “Are you gay” question. The ONLY time when their orientation or gender preference would be if they are filing jointly. But apparently, she doesn’t filed jointly for gay or lesbian couples. Doesn’t make one bit of sense. Sounds like she’s trying to save face here.


Preparing taxes is a form of artistic expression…

… … … … … Don’t ya know.


While I think it’s a totally stupid position to take, I believe individuals have the right to choose their clients.

They can make this choice, and are deserving of all the bad publicity this will generate. It’s part of a free market, but the effect of the bad publicity means they are welcome to the loss of income that will surely result.


And a state has the power to enforce public accommodation laws for businesses that wish to accommodate the public.


Private sector. Take your taxes down the road.


While I dont disagree with your post, she said she already had gay clients, presumably single ones, so it makes this situation weird to say the least.


whats the P in CPA stand for?


So you would be okay if a tax preparer denying service to a black person, right?

Sorry but no. We already went through this garbage before the 1964 civil rights act. The invisible hand didn’t work. In contrast, it created The Green Book. Are you suggesting LGBT people should be carrying around The Rainbow book?


Yeah, just like the black person should be going to the next business too.


It’s the old “I have black friends” thing in 2019 form.


I like when. You guys choose this hill to die on


“We aren’t taking new clients at this time”

Or, inject your opinion and face the public scrutiny for no discernible reason except to die on a very stupid hill to make some kind of point.