Tax Preparer Refuses to Serve Lesbian Couple


There is also the private “Club” loophole which exist because country clubs didn’t want to let black people in.


Doesn’t give you the excuse to ignore and not follow PA laws or Safety laws or Health laws.


You made the statement that you agree to follow the law when you request a business license and fill out the app. Maybe in some states that is done. It is not done at all in Va.

My wife is considering starting a business to help adult elderly women bathe. If she does it, she will be her own employee and not hire any help. She will not be helping elderly men to bathe. Just women. That is one reason alone that not all businesses should have to comply with PA laws.


You are 100 percent correct. I must comply with all laws. I have to comply with the law whether I am in business or not. I didnt agree to anything special when I applied for and received my Business License.


You agree to abide by all local state and federal laws on the submission form for a business license…


Too easy…Show me. Highlight the statement that one agrees to comply with all pa laws. here is the form. now highlight away.


As an interesting test case, break a law that is not expressly prohibited on your business license application. Or any law pertaining to your business, if your application contains no "I agree to follow all laws… " attestation language. Call the local authorities and inform them of your transgression, using a regretful tone of voice. Be sure to mention that it wasn’t on the application. End with a flourish - “Ha ha, suckers!”, or words to that effect.

Let us all know how that works out for you.

  1. Let them use TaxAct
  2. A person’s beliefs don’t depend on anyone else sharing them or agreeing with them
  3. It’s convenient that some put more rigor into understanding Animal Farm than they do The Bible.
  4. don’t care
  5. don’t care.


Oh you mean the road owned by the public, connected to your business?


If you get a business license, yes you do.


See…thats the thing. You throw blanket statements out there trying to show others how knowledgeable you are…and you’re just plain wrong. Then when you are shown you are wrong, instead of admitting you are mistaken, you try to change what you said or justify it. Come on. Show me where the statement is. You cant.

No one here is stating that one doesn’t have to comply with all applicable laws. What is being stated is whether that statement is on a business license application or not.

Reading is fundamental. So is Reading Comprehension.


Again…Show me on the form. You cant.


Have your wife break a PA law and watch.


So you cant show me. Just admit it. It’s not that hard.


Indeed it IS fundamental. And still a requirement for graduation from high school in my state, AFAIK. So please re-read my post and point out where I asserted ANYTHING about the language that actually appears on a VA state business license application. My point was that, even if the application you submitted CONTAINS NO SUCH LANGUAGE, you are almost certainly required to obey the laws of your state governing your business. Of course, I could be wrong. That’s why I invited you to test the limits of YOUR knowledgeability on the subject, and inform us of the result.

Always best to be sure of your argument before tossing out a “Think you’re so smart, eh?”


There isn’t really a private “Club” loophole to PA laws in terms of for profit businesses.


So show me.


Show. You. What?


So you dont know what we were discussing when you initially responded to my post?

We were discussing whether or not there is a statement on an application for a business license that the applicant agreed to follow all PA laws. CJ said there was. I said there is no statement. Bodeca said there was. I provided the application.

You responded with try it and find out, inferring that you agree with them and that there is a statement on a business license application that one agrees to comply with all PA laws.

So…show me. Show me the statement on my business application that I agreed to comply with all pa laws.

Again, no one is arguing that one must comply with all laws in what ever jurisdiction they reside in. The argument is whether the statement is on the business license application or not.

I hope that cleared it up for you,


Is there anything printed on the business license that says you have to follow health and safety laws?