Tapping the oil reserves

That psychology doesn’t go years out like it would have to for Keystone. And typically since it is a global commodity, Dems have no influence on the global price.

Yes, excess supply because demand had cratered due to Covid.

You’ll have to explain more specifically.

When the price of oil gets high enough, every dumbass with money starts thinking he’s an oilman. Ties up leases, noise in the machine.

True years back, less so today. Available capital has dried up as promised returns never materialized for investors. The big oil companies have decided on stock buybacks and debt reduction and are only slowly increasing capital investment in the US. And that is at $80/bbl so that shows how conservative they are being.

$80 wasn’t the point then either.

You’re making up stuff now.

Perhaps you missed one of my points. Capital has dried up. Many of the smaller players can’t find investors anymore. Big players are choosing to play it safe and ramp up slowly. That ramp would increase as price increases but the industry will be cautious, fearing volatility.

Why has capital dried up? Because for years, investors have not seen promised returns on investment. They are fed up.

I don’t make stuff up, I am just repeating what I know via work and reading. For a couple of years my job was to know the current state of drilling, growth rates, forecasts…

No, it hasn’t. It is simply waiting.

Clearly I’m not saying it has dried up for eternity, but it is difficult to obtain today. The future, who knows?

We should have known Biden lied about energy to get elected.

Trump was the champ of affordable energy.

We CAN have affordable energy and a better environment.

Strike a blow to the favorite target…Big Oil…that feeds the world. Now more are hungry.

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It was hardly a blow to big oil, since they will now be selling that oil at today’s higher prices…thanks to Democrats.

Yes, Democrats in the US control world oil prices. :roll_eyes:

What percentage of willingness to make capital investments can be attributed to confidence?

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Is there some remote connection from your statement to my post, or did you just attach it to the wrong post?

No idea, but capital was drying up long before Biden.

Do you think Democrats control world oil prices?

You seemed to link Dems to higher oil prices. Oil is s global commodity and prices are global in nature. Do you think Dems set the global oil price?

Read the last 2 links I posted.

They explain it and back it up.

Why do D like to smear our energy companies?

How is that good?

Profits are the same moral prerogative for Pelosi Tesla and Exxon.

The post you responded to had to do with not buying oil when it was cheap in order to supposedly hurt the big oil companies. I was only indicating in that post that it did not hurt them because they benefit more from selling their oil now, at a higher price.
To the broader question of whether OPEC is likely to be influenced by whether the US is supportive of fossil fuel production or not, I would think that is a factor they would consider.

How long has the attack been going on?

Look at coal.

No. Who does and why?