Tapping the oil reserves

with the economy doing so wonderfully, the president seems to think that emptying our oil reserve will bring even more prosperity to the middle class…

if he really wants to reduce prices and open up the fuel supply, and make Canada a happy neighbor again, all he has to do is re-open the Keystone pipeline

long lines as well as even and odd days are coming soon - but history never repeats

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Keystone hasn’t been built so he can’t reopen it. Considering it will take years to build, restarting will have zero effect on prices today, right?

He can undo what he’s already done and that would be a good start. You know…follow Trump’s gameplan that was working pefectly until Bidenites voted this dumb ass into office and he screwed things up regarding oil on day 1.


I misspoke, I meant reopening construction - as well as allowing for all the other drilling and exploration that he ended

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do we think he will resupply the reserves after he empties them of all that “evil” petroleum?

have to plug our electric cars into the windmills…

You agree Biden reopening construction on Keystone wouldn’t effect oil prices today, right?

As far as drilling and exploration, here are some facts for you to consider.

  1. Oil production gains are largely due to the Permian in Texas. Almost all of that drilling is on private land on which Biden has not halted drilling.

  2. Public lands would include the Gulf of Mexico which just had the largest lease sales by acreage for drillers in a very long time.

Do there are two very quick facts that belie your attempt yo blame Biden for high oil prices. If you’re interested in more facts, I’ll explain the high oil prices.


Yes, we will when oil prices drop and it makes sense to.

This is a dumbass move and you know it.


Wrong. Investment needs stability. D have gone too far.

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What is? Selling from the strategic reserve? I don’t think so.

Yes, Keystone requires stability to be successful but it has no bearing on oil prices today.

Yes. Yes you do know it. Come on man.

I don’t think it will have much effect but I don’t really care if he sells some of the oil.

Then you aren’t thinking.

Last year the US consumed approximately 20 million barrels of oil daily. J’Biden thinks his 50 million barrel gift will cause energy to become affordable? For what, 2 1/2 days?
What a ■■■■■■■ moron, he was handed an energy independent country and he systematically trashed the policies because he and the “81 million more than any other” voters are dumbasses.


Maybe not. But I am thinking the value of the strategic reserve has diminished as the US oil production has gone up due to fracking in the Permian. We are far less susceptible to being held hostage by foreign powers rich with oil than we were in the past.

You seem to not understand what happened over the last few years.

Obviously not true.