Talk Radio Addicts!

Hi all. Just wondering if there are other people that listen to talk radio these days. I’m 66 years old and started listening when I was about 10. My parents had a radio on listening to Pittsburgn KDKA radio at night. That’s when I got hooked.

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I don’t get to listen much anymore due to work. If I do listen to anything it’s if I am in the car traveling and usually it’s so short a distance I don’t get much out of it.

Brings up an interesting issue in that if people work during the day, are they losing listeners just due to logistics. Most people aren’t able to listen during work hours.

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I was fortunate in my workplace that I could bring in my Sirius radio. I couldn’t get regular radio stations. I haven’t been able to hear Rush in years in the P’burgh area.

I used to…I’m a big lib, and liked to listen to the other side. But it just got too repetitive. Everyday it was same thing, same numbers being thrown out, same talking points, same phrases over and over…that and way too many commercials.


But let me guess, you still watch/listen to the lame stream media doing the same thing right?


i never was much of a rush listener. nothing against him, but too many ads, it’s over lunch etc. i did enjoy how he drove my ninny lefty roommate nuts in college though when he’d bust on his precious clintons

i used to get quinn and rose when i worked in harmar. half hour on turnpike gave me time. with internet, socials it’s not really news to me anymore.

not radio, but used to be hannity and colmes fan. also liked oreilly. there was a time i tuned into dennis millers show a bit too but not often. sometimes ingraham. and a couple dana loesch.

never cared for glenn beck

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same talking points…

“trump is a racist”

“trump is stupid”

“trump is a (rhymes with yahtzee)”

“trump is a russian agent”

“trump is unfit”

“trump is rapist”

how’m i doin?

: )

(and this is in the first 60 seconds of the programming)

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I listened a lot when I was working. Hamblin (the black avenger,) G. Gordon Liddy, Beck, Hannity, and Local Talk. But since I retired I rarely listen to any except for the local talk show.

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You must have listened to Roy Fox, John Cigna, and Perry Marshall.

I did also. I listened to LEARN and understand people.

I still listen, not much on KDKA since Fred Honsberger left us. I listen to Alex Marlow, Hannity, Levin, David Webb, Wilkow, and Michael Savage…to name a few.


I like Quinn also.

Agree with Rush and Beck…Never really enjoyed their take on issues.

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6 out of 7…not bad…:sunglasses:

Podcasts for me these days. No commercials, and there are many more interesting things out there to learn about than political opinions and sports.

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Talk Radio has its uses for me when I worked overnights/driving jobs. Not so much these days. Every single show is a repeat of the previous one anyway.

Only when driving. And that means commute to/from work (about 20 mins) and when running errands.

On weekends the segments are retirement, or real estate, or cooking/nutrition, and none of that interests me. So I go to the classic rock station.

I enjoy “Handel on the Law”. A lot of it is comical entertainment.


Yes John Cigna was one of the ones I listened to in high school. I used to crack up when he would go off on bingo because it was illegal. All the grammas in the audience would call him up and cry because he wanted to shut them down. He said he didn’t want to shut them down, but be legal. The first ‘troll’ I ever heard in action! He’d get them soooo whipped up! :slight_smile:

I turned on KDKA this afternoon and caught Wendy Bell going off on Wolf and his insane policies. Beaver County is still ‘red’ because of the old folks home :exploding_head:

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Way back when I started at a talk radio station. The options were very, very limited. And by limited I mean there were like 3 talk radio networks with very few big stars. Rush, Barry Farber, Bob Grant, Alan Combs. No sean hannity. No Beck. It was very very limited on the national hosts.

The fun part came after the owner of the station got into a “dust up” over the phone with a national syndicater of talk shows that ran from 6pm to 6am (one was car talk – those guys were increadible).

Owner walked into where the program directors desk was (mine was about 10 feet away). Now I’ve cleaned up the owners language. But he said that he had fired the sydicator of the nighly talk shows, and the PD had to find new shows to go on the air tomorrow night.

Now remember, at this time – no internet to speak of, so we pulled out a copy of “Radio and records” and headed to the sydicators advertisements. After three hours on the phone, the PD walked into the owners office and told him to call the syndicator back and make nice because it would be at least two weeks before he could find enough programing to cover the 12 hours block from a dozen different places and figure out if the single satalite receive could be used to get them all, and be able to fire the commercial tones.

And for those of you who never herd Bob Grant . . . . He had a phrase for anyone he disagreed with or was tired of listening to. In his gruff gravely voice you would hear him shout “GET OFF MY PHONE” and hang up on them.

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Never heard of any of them let alone listened to them.

That was more for the OP. AM radio does have that ability to skip off the ionosphere at night and travel thousands of miles. Used to listen to Red Wings in Pittsburgh from it.

That’s true. When I was in a kid living in Sitka, we could pick up the SF and LA stations at night. Art Bell and of course, Wolfman Jack! Arooooo! :wink:


Those ads are killer :grimacing: I can’t listen live so I download the ad free podcasts. Our gracious host Sean Hannity’s podcasts are available free, so are Mark Levin’s, just an FYI.