Take the Breitbart challenge

But stupid libs make all the good search engines! Aaaarghhhhh

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yet people from google admit this goes on

They work for the Dems right?

Can someone please give Breitbart a participation award already?


They work great for anyone who knows their limitations and how they work.

No, they work for the Dems from what I see.

Yes, Dems are a subset for anyone, so that would be a true statement.

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Dems are no one.

Checkmate, Trump dumper.

OK. How do you think they work?

It’s going to be fun watching them vote Biden into office, along with some independents and us former Republicans.


They don’t go inside your personal head and choose to prioritize your personal favorite news provider.


Are you sure about that?

Yes because if they did then Bill wouldn’t have started this thread and all of his search results would be for exactly what he was looking for.

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You need to raise your standards if you don’t want corruption.

In reality, the same ads and trackers will follow you anywhere and can come to you simply because it overhears you over microphones or cams or even reads your thoughts by following searches.

Breitbart is reacting to it’s own monitoring of search ranking, plummeting.

These days the internet search is totally manipulated and fake copycat sites are in for automated ad revenue. A typical search goes on for many fake pages.

This is because the revenue model is insanity and based in lies.

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The revenue is based in revenue. And Breitbart has ■■■■■■ ratings.

You don’t get it. Search Ranking is not the same thing as popularity. It can also be manipulated.

Breitbart should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make their own search engine.

The war against Trump is dishonest.

Make their own search engine, social networking websites.