Take the Breitbart challenge

Breitbart is running a story that Google has changed its search results to exclude Breitbart and other conservative websites, and they used a search of “Joe Biden” as an example. I propose we do a test to see if Breitbart is right.

I used a browser that I almost never use (Firefox) so there should be little or no history. I typed “Joe Biden” into the Google search (not the news search) and got 11 pages of results. The first hit for Fox News was on page 4. Breitbart did not appear at all.

I repeated the test with Yahoo search. Fox News appears on page 1 and was 11 on the list, right next to CNN. Breitbart appeared on page 7.

I suggest you do the same and report your results for Google compared other search engines.

For background here is the Breitbart article:

Ok…just did a search. Fox website came up on the FIRST page, before CNN an NYT. In fact, it came up under “Top Stories”. And Breitbart? I wouldn’t even spend the time scrolling to find it.

Doesn’t Google use anagrams for specific users?

Breitbart should bootstrap their own search engine instead of complaining about the big meanie heads.


Tell me what you get when you type this in google…breitbart, Joe Biden

I’ll wait…


Yes, I suggest you use a different browser that what you normally use. Either that or clear your search history.

For example use Microsoft Edge of Firefox instead of Chrome if you normally use Chrome.

Also mjlol @ FoxFire. Must be a new browser.

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There’s no browser called “foxfire”.

I simply use “Joe Biden” without quotes in the search block

I see conservatives are still failing to understand how search engines work.


It should do what I think it should do! Otherwise conspiracy!!!

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Yes I meant Firefox and corrected the OP. Sorry for the confusion.

Do you have inside information on how the Google engine works?

It should be easy to test to see what happens. It is called fact-based decision making.

Ok sooooo…because I have nothing better to do, I tried chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera and FOX news came up within the first 5 hits. I tried different search engines too, like duck duck go, with the same results. Breitbart has lost over 70% of its readership since 2017, so of course they wouldn’t be a top hit.


Does taking the Breitbart challenge include making up false stories about Democrats?


Maybe. Let’s use this example. Let’s say, my favorite news site is Mother Jones. Or BBC. Or NPR. Then I run your test, and none of those come up on the first page either (they don’t) Are we both victims of conspiracy?


It should be dumping a bucket of ice water on your ■■■■■■■ head.


It’s embarrassing watching news outlets try to play victim.

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Hey - here’s another challenge - if you don’t like your search engine for whatever reason, you can quietly change search engines and not create a bunch of drama about why you are changing search engines.

I know - weird idea, right?


More embarrassing watching their horribly persecuted readers spreading this kind of ludicrous garbage.