Take a vacation to Italy, you can cop as many feels as you like, as long as you keep them to 9 seconds or less

This just seemed absurd enough to post.


Better not tell Biden that…


So they can follow the Trump model and grab’em by the - ah - female privates.

Just keep the ya-ya grabbing under 10 seconds guys.


no assault if they let you

awe dang you keep forgetting that huh?

pretend she is a pole dancer and gets pregnant. then you’re ok with it. dont forget to ignore the child….


progressive europe

When you feel a little Italian . . .

Of course, you may end up singing soprano if she does want you to feel her.

More than 25 women have said publicly that they didn’t let him but he did it anyway, some of them under oath.

gasp. under oath???!?

it’s never too late to be june 2015 again huh?

oh we know. you and msnbscrewball

and a russian plant

not to mention he was found liable of sexual assault by a jury.

yeah that was credible huh?

but of course that doesnt matter.



Trump could rape someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and you’d come up with an excuse for it.


i have made 0 excuses

and here you are thinking he raped dozens of women

it’s literally a sickness

oh wait…. did you mean to say “racist”?

both are programmed pretty deep into many

Now that is not true.

of course it was credible, it was a full civil trial with a real judge and real jury. The sexual assaulter and presidential loser has to pay real credible dollars for that result.

that matters. dont be sad, you can always donate to him to help pay his bills


You all have found all sorts of excuses for your old pervert. Seems jbiden can molest children and women on camera and many leftist will pretend it did not happen.


You mean hair sniffing?

her claim was that he raped her

did he?