Take a vacation to Italy, you can cop as many feels as you like, as long as you keep them to 9 seconds or less

why everyone sniffs little girls’ hair huh?

Her claim was defamation.

What did I specifically say? What did the jury specifically find? How much does the twice impeached sore loser sexual assaulter have to pay?


it was “rape” and it’s all bullcrap for her stupid ass book

send the message

Silly person, why should I spent an ioata more trying to interact with someone who can’t even be bother to learn the basic fact of a discussion?
You know it’s reaaaaallly easy and simple to look at the jury verdict form? Stop embarrassing yourself for once in the decades of posting and go fetch.

Ta ta!

resort to a paragraph of personal attacks

real class act

she claimed he raped her. that’s a fact

you embarrass yourself.

Didn’t take long to go straight to the TDS.

Not surprised who started it.

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Actually, it went straight to BDS before TDS.

Second post of the thread.

I did not intend for this thread to be political in anyway, OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY.

It was meant to call out stupidity in a foreign country, not to be a cesspool for butt hurt partisans of EITHER side.

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WhT should the limit be?

Once when I was working with a female engineer, my hand brushed her leg. I apologized profusely. “Forget it” she said.

So … a half second? Is that OK?