Tackle climate or face financial crash, say world's biggest investors

Okay, I can honestly say I didn’t see that one coming. I guess some people are worried about their money evaporating.

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Aren’t China and India in the process of building new coal powered plants?

Are they.?

Looks like somebody has invested a lot of money in non-fossil fuel energy and wants some support from governments.

Then everyone better slit their wrists because China ain’t coming to the table but rest assured…

…fortunes were saved at Walmart.

Banning coal and taxing emissions is a sure way to see money evaporate.

I wonder … does evaporating money produces climate changing emissions? :thinking:

We dont need coal…ban it…

We don’t need money … burn it.

We don’t need air. … pollute it.


Such fake globalist news!

Still think global warming is not a money grab?

Do you have evidence of this or are you simply poisoning the well?

Where’s the money grab?

Are they still buying beach front property and private islands?

An unrelated observation: do we generously subsidize Tesla selling their cars in other countries too?

What do you think a carbon tax is?

The air (or rather all carbon based plant life) needs CO2, it is not a pollutant … no more so than oxygen.

To us it is.

No its not. Not even close. It is only about 0.04% of the air. It has to reach about 8% before it begins to be toxic to humans. And much of that effect is because it displaces Oxygen. Air can only hold 100% you know. if CO2 is at 8%, Oxygen is below 18%.

Which doesn’t change the fact that to us its a pollutant.