Tables Turning on Trump as Tucker Turns Tail

Carlson added that he doesn’t think Trump is “capable” of fulfilling those promises.

“I don’t think he’s capable of sustained focus,” Carlson said. “I don’t think he understands the system. I don’t think the Congress is on his side. I don’t think his own agencies support him.”

If Trump loses Fox, his Presidency will end within a month.


Like rats from a sinking ship.

The smarter ones are seeing the writing on the wall and they want to be able to seemlessly transition back to being for what they used to stand for and flush these past couple of years down the memory hole.


and just think : days ago the headlines on his show was about Trump overwhelming victories against the liberals war on christmas

Tucker just figuring this out?


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My one sincere hope is that people remember how craven their shilling was.

How utterly absurd.

Where is the update on the invasion of gypsy Trucker promised us.

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Never liked that little bow tie wearing nerd to begin with.

Tucker has clearly been compromised by the Deep State.

Yup…they were never really for him but they really were…
■■■■ them

Its hyperbole…its supposed to be absurd

Tucker simply says in so many words…“Trump is an outsider, not a politician” and Progs think it is a new epiphany for the conservative.

They apparently are looking for some.small.vestige.of.hope that conservatives regret voting for Trump. Having lost all self respect two years ago, they will cling to even the smallest hope.

Hahahahahahahahagaga :smile:

Hmm, I thought “Promises made, promises kept” was going to be the mantra of Trump’s 2020 campaign…I know our esteemed host has used that phrase frequently about Trump.

I wonder if Carson backs off of these statements. I can’t imagine Hannity and him going at it.


You got him now!

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Mueller has him.

Of course Fat Donald is not going to deliver on his promises. He is a low-energy loser. Check out his schedule for tomorrow - no MAGA on it, as the Fat Bastard will spend most of the day watching FOX and rage tweeting as Manafort gets the hammer delivered by Mueller.

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Sure… Mueller - the great patriot - would allow a compromised man to be in the oval office of his beloved United Stares of America, while he spins his wheels with lesser crimes. Hahahahagagaga… right, dude! :slight_smile:

When you come at the king, don’t miss.

Lesser crimes are still crimes.

Is this the first time you’ve admitted Trump is guilty of crimes?

Ooooooo nooooo “process” crimes!