Tables Turning on Trump as Tucker Turns Tail


The new line: it’s okay if he’s a criminal as long as they aren’t the WORST crimes.


So how long before Fox news is considered “fake news” and a member of the “deep state?”


One day they will be remembered as patriots, resisting the political coup “process” is every Americans duty.


Good luck with that.


Don’t need luck.



not for a while im guessing


That is one incompetent, lazy-assed man.


Heir Carlson prepping his swiss escape plan?


Naw, we’re just always going to remember you as the q-anon kid.


^Behold the new trumpster narrative, as found on the_donald earlier today ^

Trump couldn’t have done anything too bad or they would have already removed him!


And then there’s poor Milo…


We have some here who have repeatedly said “Sure Trump’s a liar, but he lies about things that don’t concern me so it’s okay.”


You are assuming that he meant it to be hyperbole.


Of course, as usual, when righties finally criticize Trump, it’s because he’s not quite as much a degenerate as they had hoped he was.


Trump-o-philes never criticize president Trump.

FOX host Tucker Carlson offers some constructive criticism.

Response is not…Its about time he got some scrutiny from his supporters…No No No…Response is Trump is going to lose his Presidency and has been abandoned by EVERYONE.

This is an amazing jump in logic as well as delirious wishful thinking.


I am one Trump supporter that is happy to see so many promises kept and I am optimistic we will make progress on the rest, even with a D Congress.

PS. I still like Tucker, he is good with his analysis and perspective. I do hope he has beefed up his home security. Large well trained dogs are hard to beat.